Why Do You Need To Go?


(Note: You are reading the English Translated Version. To read the original post in Tagalog, click HERE.)

Many of our fellow citizens, according to recent surveys, (on a higher percentage) professionals prefer to work abroad. Are you one of them? Are you one of those whose hopes are built to succeed and improve one’s life in the future? If one of these mentioned questions describe you at the moment, then perhaps, the reasons you have fall into these choices too:

  1. I need to work for the future of my family.
  2. I want to improve or advance my career/profession.
  3. I want to try and know if it’s better to live abroad.
  4. I believe my life/state of living will be better if I will work abroad.
  5. I want to prove to myself and to those who believe in me, that I can live independently by working hard abroad.

Whatever reasons you may have, things usually change when you reach at your destined area abroad. Few hours before you left, you’re filled with hope. Few hours after you arrived, you’re now without hope. You’re missing home, family, friends, and the love that used to surround you. Or maybe, because of excitement, you tend to enjoy the first few days after you’ve arrived but when your ‘’off’’ comes, you feel the longing inside. You can thought of things like how’s your family doing, are your children studying well back home? Or if mom and dad are okay? – if you’ve tried feeling one of these, well, you’re not alone.

I also tried living away from my family for a long time because just like you, I also aimed to improve the state of our living. It’s not easy to leave one’s family but in my mind, there was no other way. While I was alone abroad, I realized how hard it is to be alone – to work for people who couldn’t understand you well, to mingle with people whom you’re not sure if you can trust them or not, and to live with people whom you don’t know at all.

But one thing gave me an everlasting hope – that God loves me and He will never leave me.  I know it’s harder to trust these days, but if you will only try to trust God, He will never fail you.

His promises are always fulfilled. He is with you in every sadness and lonely times. Don’t forget that He is the source of the strength which enables you to do your job and other duties in life. All things end – but God’s love for you never ends. I am not telling you this to comfort you, but to tell you the truth – this truth which we often never pay attention to. And this is the only truth that will help us to survive abroad (wherever you are today) and continue to live life full of endless hope and happiness in our hearts.


About Joyce de vivre

I am a hotelier by profession. When not at work, I delight in pursuing my love for art through paintings, designs and drawings. Inspired by living for the infinite God, I look forward to imparting my true joy in life's absurdities. A believer and follower of Christ, I aim to gain not just readers, but fellow friends who are in the same journey of living for God. Click me and join my little world.
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7 Responses to Why Do You Need To Go?

  1. granbee says:

    Bless you, dear Joyce, as you work in places strange to you in the flesh, but which God is teaching you about in your heart.

  2. writinggomer says:

    Welcome back Joyce… I missed you!!
    God is good at all times, regardless of what we do or do not see. I’m thankful He is always with us!

  3. wdednh says:

    Reblogged this on YOU DECIDE.

  4. ptl2010 says:

    Welcome back Joyce. Praise God for keeping you safe in His love while you were away. May the Lord bless and anoint you as His instrument of love to minister to your kinsfolk who are away from home, who need encouragement and blessings from the Lord.

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