Faith Child – This is Your day

Let us begin each day with a fresh dedication to the Lord, no matter what the night before was like

Ask the Lord to lead you on

Throughout the day remember you have been Redeemed and have a testimony to share to all who come your way

You steady my heart when things go wrong

As the day progresses you will come across problems, questions and all the shadows and mountains, then find that God is bigger than everything..

Everything good, everything  right, everything worthy you’ve got a choice

Dwell on everything good.

Changing the scene, my way, trading nights for sunny days, it’s all in the heart,  in the eye,

Hook my mind on everything right, holy, worthy, everything right  all that I should dwell on everything good. All is well cause I am going to dwell on everything good.

End the day with a song that Jesus is liberty and He is coming soon. =relmfu

Praise the Lord what your day is in the Lord is your choice

Choose life abundant with the peace of God. Amen



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Jesus Christ is coming soon
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3 Responses to Faith Child – This is Your day

  1. granbee says:

    Yesterday, our minister in my local church enjoined us to carry out the teaching in the last chapter of John by each day,first having breakfast with Jesus, as the disciples did on the shore of the lake when He appeared to them the third time after His resurrection. We must first fellowship with Jesus each morning if we are to go out and feed His lambs during the day.

  2. I am not able to watch the clips, but I was blessed by the encouragments. When Christ is in control of my life, NOTHING can happen that He doesn’t use to bless me.
    What an amazing God!

    • ptl2010 says:

      Thank you for commenting meetingintheclouds even though you could not watch the clips.
      How often we forget to start off the day with the Lord until we get into trouble during the day. How blessed it is to start off the day with the Lord. Then we proceed with confidence knowing He is in control whatever betide. Praise the Lord, as He comes through each time we call, for His promises are ever true.

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