Q3 ” what is eternal life ?”

Superannuation is a system of investment intended as a package to provide for you while you are in God’s waiting room – retirement. It’s the reward for a life well lived, a time for putting your feet up -because you made it. But what good is superannuation to me if I die tomorrow, all of that investment wasted, maybe I should have spent it while I was alive.

Eternal life is often viewed in the same way, a package that provides for you after you die. A reward for sticking at it, a time to indulge one’s self after the grind of life is over, but what if I die before I am old ?

John 5:24 says ” He who hears my words, and believes in Him who sent me has eternal life, and shall not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life“. Spiritually, you did die before you are old.

Eternal life begins the instant we place faith in Jesus. It is not a reward that we get at the end for a life well lived, it is a reward we get right now because of His life well lived. At the moment we place faith in the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross a line is drawn in history, our old life comes to a sudden end and we are instantly re-created in Christ. At that moment we become new beings, people who are in inseparable union with the maker of the universe. Two spirits melded into one, never again to walk alone, never again to be sustained by the best the world can offer (even superannuation), ‘for we died, and our life is now hidden with Christ in God’ -Col. 3:3.

It is very important that we recognize that this spiritual death has taken place – my sinful nature was nailed with Him on the cross, and I was born again into righteousness. Now that we have grasped this truth, we can live our lives from a completely difference source. No longer dependent on our own resources to provide a happy life for ourselves, now drinking daily from the river of life, now sustained by the one who made everything and holds every atom in place by his word. This is eternal life, and the moment you believe in Him you are transported to this new existence.

And when we die, we will see Him face to face, and He will sayI know you,I gave you eternal life when you were younger, haven’t we had a great time together”.


About mybroom

Married to Angela (very happily), 4 grown-up kids, 3 grandkids. Christian blogger with a focus on "renewing the mind" Building designer by trade, writer by some crazy notion. From near Melbourne, Australia.
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5 Responses to Q3 ” what is eternal life ?”

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  2. granbee says:

    Bless you and praise you for this very important teaching: “Eternal life begins the instant we place faith in Jesus. ” Truly, there IS Heaven on Earth in this sense.

  3. ptl2010 says:

    mybroom – I never ever associated superannuation with eternal life. – what a refreshing perspective – thank you. Looking forward to more.

  4. mybroom says:

    You inspire me, thankyou for your overflowing expression of joy. Graeme

  5. I remember the old Communist saying of many years ago, that “Christianity is pie in the sky when you die”. No so! Christianity is HERE and NOW.

    I have known, loved and served my loving heavenly Father, through the Lord Jesus Christ, for 53 of my 75 years. In that time I have known and enjoyed the REALITY of His constant companionship. He has been my Instructor and Guide, my Strength and Enabler, my Challenger and Helper, my Sustainer and Provider, my Comfort and Encourager . . . the list is endless. He has given me an ABUNDANT life! He has given me JOY, even in times of stress. He has never once failed me but has enabled me to achieve much.

    Yes, eternal life started for me 8th June 1958, when my spiritual eyes were opened to see the Lord Jesus holding out His own life to me and giving me the faith to accept. He changed my life completely. IF (and I know it isn’t, but if) this life was all that constituted eternal life, I have lost nothing and gained everything.

    It is impossible for God to lie or to break His promise, so one day, I will enter the fullness of His presence, holy and blameless, and will praise Him for the whole of eternity.

    What an amazing redemption!
    What an amazing God!

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