A RIGHT OF WAY gives legal access

We owned and worked a 100 acre sugar cane farm for more than 40 years.

When we sold the farm to a near neighbour, we surveyed off 1 acre around the house and stayed there for a few years before eventually selling that house and buying a house in town.  Part of the agreement in selling the farm was the granting of a right of way through the farm.

Why?  We had rainwater tanks at the house for drinking and cooking, but most of our water came from an underground bore situated in the middle of the farm, the water being pumped to the house through an underground pipe, so we a right of way giving us legal access to the water bore, the pump and the buried pipe, which often needed servicing.

I am reminded of that right of way
when I read Ephesians 4:27 where we are warned
not to “give place to the devil” or as the Amplified puts it
“Leave no such room or foothold for the devil.

Give no opportunity to him”

When we make less than a full surrender to the Lord, keeping back a small area for ourselves; following our own way instead of seeking and following God’s way, we are in effect giving the devil a foothold or a wedge, or a RIGHT OF WAY. This world is presently his dominion.

Thinking about this, I re-read Robert Boyd Munger’s little booklet “My Heart Christ’s Home” which expresses the same idea very graphically.  Among his opening words he states “Without question one of the most remarkable Christian doctrines is that Jesus Christ Himself, through the Holy Spirit will actually enter a life, settle down and be at home there.” 

Then he pictures each “room” of his house and how Christ could feel “at home” living there, and how, as he allowed Him to do so, He transformed that area.

The last room – the hardest to surrender – was the hall closet.

Then finally he gave Him the keys and the Title Deed to the house as rightful OWNER rather than as a Guest.  

The booklet presents a few challenges as we are faced with how much we hold back from His control . . . . . and how we tend to keep that “area in the middle” so allowing the devil a wedge to gain access. 

How much of my life (your life) is left unsurrendered and needs attention?  I need to constantly walk through each area of my life, ensuring that Christ can be completely at home there and that He is in control.

We needed a right of way to access the bore on the farm.
That right of way was essential,
but if I grant a right of way or even a tiny foothold to the devil
I can expect problems – big problems.

Ephesians 4:27
Do not give the devil a foothold.

James 4:7
Submit yourselves to God; resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Romans 8:37
We are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us

Mr Anon:
Surrendering one’s will to the Divine will
may SEEM a NEGATIVE procedure,

but it gives POSITIVE dividends.

About meetingintheclouds

I am Cloudwatcher, a 76 year old Christian lady, happily married to a wonderful man for over 50 years. We have five wonderful sons, all with at least one University degree and in top positions in their chosen fields. One son is still single but four have found perfect wives and they have given us five lovely grandchildren. I was born in England and while I'm proud of my English heritage, I am doubly proud to be a true-blue, fair-dinkum Aussie. My husband and I are committed Christians whose first priority is to love and serve our risen Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. My life story will tell of my journey from abuse to peace. I suffered 22 years of abuse, being constantly told I was totally evil and an ugly freak: no one would ever want me, so I might as well do the world a favour and kill myself.
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8 Responses to A RIGHT OF WAY gives legal access

  1. granbee says:

    No Right of Way to you, Devil, I say! A straight highway for the coming of my Lord, I hold the deed to!

    • When we allow the tiniest wedge, the devil will take advantage. Praise God that he is a defeated foe and when we allow Christ to truly reign in our lives, we will be alert to each and every one of the devil’s tricks and he will not get a toehold!

      What an amazing God!

  2. Rob Barkman says:

    Because our Lord created all mankind, we are his pottery to do with as He pleases. Because He has purchased us on the cross, Christians are “two-fold” possessions of the Lord. When we hold back any area of our life from His reign, we are denying He is our Creator and our Redeemer. In effect, what we are saying is… I am my own Ruler, my own Creator, my own Savior, I am my own Lord.

    How sad it is when we think every Christian, sometime during their lifetime, has held back some area of their life from submission to His will. Lord bless

  3. mtsweat says:

    Lock, stock, and barrel… Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe! Still, He daily shows me areas of my life where I’m still not surrendering. Praise the Lord for reminders like yours to encourage us to be that faithful steward and servant of an ever faithful Master. We love Him because He first loved us.

    I truly appreciate your take on this… it is biblical, no doubt. The enemy has no right to take what is not his, so these areas of our lives are not taken by him, but given by us. Let us be diligent to give the Holy Spirit access to illuminate places where we have yet surrendered, then give us strength to be obedient. God bless.

    • In full and glad surrender I give myself to Thee,
      Thine utterly and only, and evermore to be.

      O Son of God who lov’st me, I will be Thine alone;
      And all I am and have Lord, Shall henceforth be Thine own.
      Frances Ridley Havergal

  4. ptl2010 says:

    This blog reminds me of a song we used to sing as a child

    “Mother told me something, that all of us should know
    It’s all about the devil, and I’ve learnt to hate him so.
    She said he causes trouble when you let him in the room
    He will never ever leave you if your heart is filled with gloom
    So let the Son shine in, take it with a smile,
    Smilers never lose and frowners never win
    So let the Son shine in,
    Open up your heart and let the Son shine in”

    Once he has a foot in the door of your heart, he will never leave
    Unless you invite the Holy Spirit to drive him out. .

    • And he is so quick to get that foot in! – like the saying: “Sin enters like a needle, and spreads like an oak tree.”
      Lord, give us YOUR intolerance of and hatred for sin. We know that when we submit to You and resist the devil, he will flee. We desire to keep our eyes, our minds, our hearts, and our wills, firmly focussed on You, the only rightful Ruler of our lives.

      We serve an amazing God!

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