Faith Child – We will not fear

Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way, though the mountains be moved into  the heart of the sea,  though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains tremble at its swelling. Selah Psalm 46;2,3

We hear so much of the earthquakes that shake and move the earth and how islands are swallowed into the sea.

Imagine the inhabitants who live in fear in those areas like Sumatra and on the islands in the Pacific Ocean where these occur beyond their control.

Recently my niece visited the Szechuan earthquake site and she saw the devastation that had occurred so suddenly which brought such great destruction to life and limb and to homes and ways of living by farming and self reliance.

Hearts of men and women and children who have suffered the ravages of earthquakes now run for shelter at the slightest tremor.

Once, whilst in Japan on a business trip, I spied many insects that emerged from their damp dark abodes in cracks and crevices as precursor to coming earthquakes. These are hyper sensitive to the earth movements and have been given the ability to sense slightest danger. If we are sensitive we would also be warned.

However, we need not fear of natural, financial, physical quakes that we might face,  for our Heavenly Father knows what is ahead and everything is in His control. He will do what needs to be done and no man can stop Him. He has the power to stop the forces of nature, yes even the economy. Yet sometimes He does not, perhaps to provide the warning that time for man is nearly up and while there is breath, man should make right with his Creator,  and be reconciled to Him.

Faith Child if you have been reconciled with Him then no matter what befalls you, you are safe for the greatest fear is to lose your soul eternally, to lose your life forever in the lake of fire and separated from your Lord.

We have been redeemed and we need not fear for the Lord has bestowed His Spirit in us and we live for Him and whether we live or die, we are His. For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain. Shall we fear what may befall us? No, we have  our Heavenly Father who has a perfect plan for our lives.

Only those who do not know the Lord need fear. If you fall into this category dear reader, please make hay while the sun shines… turn to the Lord Jesus and receive Him as Saviour and Lord while you have the breath. You will not be able to get right with God when your time is up and time is no more for you.

He owns the cattle on a thousand hills,
The wealth in every mine;
He owns the rivers and the rocks and rills,
The sun and stars that shine.
Wonderful riches, more than tongue can tell –
He is my Father so they’re mine as well;
He owns the cattle on a thousand hills –
I know that He will care for me.

by John W Peterson.

Our Father who owns everything can be trusted to take care of His own to the very end.. not in man’s way, but in His for He looks upon our hearts and what we need and not what we think we need.  Some of the poorest (in worldly  terms) are the happiest people in the Lord. They are simple folk who are grateful and do not know any better and are not covetous like those who have and strive for more.

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5 Responses to Faith Child – We will not fear

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  2. granbee says:

    As children of God, we are inheritors of more spiritual Grace than could possibly be measure with any astronomical instruments!

  3. mtsweat says:

    Regardless of where our walk with Jesus leads, we can trust He is with us, preparing us, and has made provisions for us. Amen!

  4. “The eternal God is my Refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms” Deut 33:27

    For the last 53 years my loving Father has cared for me, sheltering me from harm and being with me through many storms, enabling me to overcome them. I trust Him, for He alone is worthy.

    Fear is faith in satan, Faith is trusting God.
    Ever see it this way? Does look rather odd!
    Fear say ‘God may fail me!’ Faith knows He keeps His Word!
    ‘Hitherto the Lord hath helped us’ – Doubting NOW would be absurd!
    (author unknown)

    What an amazing God!

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