Faith Child – Let God arise!

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May God arise, may his enemies be scattered; may his foes flee before him. May you blow them away like smoke— as wax melts before the fire, may the wicked perish before God.

Psalm 68:1,2

Faith Child, these are precious commentary from David’s Treasury which we should read to understand that when God comes on the scene in any difficult situation He vanquishes His foes.


“Let God arise.” In some such words Moses spake when the cloud moved onward, and the ark was carried forward. The ark would have been a poor leader if the Lord had not been present with the symbol.

  • Before we move; we should always desire to see the Lord lead the way.
  •  The words suppose the Lord to have been passive for awhile, suffering his enemies to rage, but restraining his power.
  • Israel beseeches him to arise, as elsewhere to “awake, gird on his sword,” and other similar expressions. We, also, may thus importunately cry unto the Lord, that he would be pleased to make bare his arm, and plead his own cause.
  • “Let his enemies be scattered.”  Our glorious Captain of the vanguard clears the way readily, however many may seek to obstruct it; he has but to arise, and they flee, he has easily over-thrown his foes in days of yore, and will do so all through the ages to come. Sin, death, and hell know the terror of his arm; their ranks are broken at his approach.
  • Our enemies are his enemies, and in this is our confidence of victory. “Let them also that hate him flee before him.” To hate the infinitely good God is infamous, and the worst punishment is not too severe. Hatred of God is impotent. His proudest foes can do him no injury. Alarmed beyond measure, they shall flee before it comes to blows. Long before the army of Israel can come into the fray, the haters of God shall flee before HIM who is the champion of his chosen.
  •  He comes, he sees, he conquers. How fitting a prayer is this for the commencement of a revival! How it suggests the true mode of conducting one: – the Lord leads the way, his people follow, the enemies flee.

“As smoke is driven away.” Easily the wind chases the smoke, completely it removes it, no trace is left; so, Lord, do thou to the foes of thy people. They fume in pride, they darken the sky with their malice, they mount higher and higher in arrogance, they defile wherever they prevail: Lord, let thy breath, thy Spirit, thy Providence, make them to vanish for ever from the march of thy people. Philosophic scepticism is as flimsy and as foul as smoke; may the Lord deliver his Church from the reek of it.

“As wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God.” Wax is hard by itself, but put it to the fire, how soft it is. Wicked men are haughty till they come into contact with the Lord, and then they faint for fear; their hearts melt like wax when they feel the power of his anger.

Wax, also, burns and passes away; the taper is utterly consumed by the flame: so shall all the boastful power of the opposers of the gospel be as a thing of nought. Rome, like the candles on her altars, shall dissolve, and with equal certainty shall infidelity disappear.

Israel saw, in the ark, God on the mercy-seat – power in connection with propitiation – and they rejoiced in the omnipotence of such a manifestation; this is even more clearly the confidence of the New Testament church, for we see Jesus, the appointed atonement, clothed with glory and majesty, and before his advance all opposition melts like snow in the sun, the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hands.

When he comes by his Holy Spirit, conquest is the result; but when he arises in person, his foes shall utterly perish.


Faith Child, how the Presence of God in our lives can change the antagonistic environment, people and loved ones today. If you have been praying for unsaved loved ones for long, if you have been in a bad situation and in need of His salvation, call on God to arise in your life, your life situation, your predicament. When He arises (and we give way to Him) the situations will change, people will change and all have to bow to Him. Will you call on Him today and just let God arise in your situation. Will you let Him have the preeminence and not let the walls, the obstacles, the difficulties, the people around you arise above the God we serve? God is over all! Let us with confidence see Him as He is – He conquers every situation for the earth is His footstool. Let us put our confidence in our God Almighty than in man. Quit you like men and serve the Living God today. Let us not be overwhelmed by the forces around us for we have the greatest Force with us and He will arise and take over if we ask Him to. Glory be to His Name forevermore.

P.S. Some people have their preconceived ideas about solutions to situations in their lives. When God arises, they may be surprised to find that God’s solution could be radically different or opposite to their ideas. So make sure your expectations  are first in line with God’s will and according to His Word. Don’t expect Him to do for you what pleases the devil.


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4 Responses to Faith Child – Let God arise!

  1. granbee says:

    Let us join joyously in the victorious army of our God!

  2. mtsweat says:

    Amen Sister! I think we often pray for things to be removed from our lives when we should be praying for guidance as to what God is accomplishing through those things. Visa-versa, we should be careful when diving into what we believe can only be a blessing from God… it may be that roaring lion going about… We must keep our eyes on Jesus! We must remain in His Word and in prayer so as to receive wisdom that only comes from God to walk perfectly in His will, the only place every believer should find their rest.

  3. ptl2010 says:

    Thank you for your comments and sharing meetingintheclouds, we learn from one another as we experience our amazing God and His ways in our lives. He is faithful and good. Praise the Lord.

  4. >> “the Lord leads the way, his people follow, the enemies flee”
    This is a snapshot of life in Christ when dealing with the temptations of the devil.
    “The Lord leads” – we have His Word which is sufficient for any situation.
    “His people follow” – that is our part. We must obey His Word and follow faithfully.
    “The devil flees” – He is a defeated foe and when faced with the Truth of God’s Word, he has no option but to flee.

    Your P.S. reminds me of a time, years ago, when I had a problem. I thought I was trusting God to solve the problem. I had handed it over to Him. Then, I was reading Philippians 4:6 “let your requests be made known unto God”. The “unto God” leaped out at me and my reaction was that of course it would be “unto God” – who else? I was thinking those words were unnecessary but my gracious God opened my eyes to see that yes, I had committed the problem to Him, but in my mind I was working out HOW He was going to work it out. I was thinking that maybe God would convict this person, and that person would do something . . .
    As soon as I took my hands (my mind) off the problem, leaving it entirely in God’s hands, the problem was solved – and NOT the way I had been thinking. Now, “Unto God” have become key words in that verse.

    What an amazing God!

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