In Faith To Release A Free Book On Mother’s Day

Hello fellow writers and readers of Christian Blessings. I am in faith to write a book in just four days and hoping to initially release it as a free e-book this Mother’s Day. It’s about a mother who left her kids to work abroad and when she had the chance to come home, it was only a matter of time before she’d see them away again when she wakes up with flood overwhelming them inside their house.

A story of love, forgiveness, grace, and a controversy between grace and works as personified in her two sons. Please pray that I’d be able to finish this one by Saturday. Starting to develop the story right now.

This is going to be a fully developed story from my blog entry Letter to God: From a Bereaved Mother.

About jobrobinson

Believes in Jesus Christ. Happily married. Have two kids.
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3 Responses to In Faith To Release A Free Book On Mother’s Day

  1. jobrobinson says:

    Hello everyone! There’s progress in this book I’m writing. For now, I can lead you to its FB PAGE at for details of it. I’m not yet finishing the book when it comes out tomorrow. Instead, it will be the first chapter-by-chapter e-novel on demand. Which means that people have to read the first chapter and if they like it, they can like the FB page and when it reaches a certain number of likes, then the next chapter comes out. 🙂

    Taking the TELESERYE culture of the Philippines to ebooks online.

  2. Praying that you will be given the words clearly and will be able to complete the project to His glory and honour – and that the completed book will be used to bring God’s message to many.

  3. ptl2010 says:

    Job, it will be a miracle, yet believing with you and upholding you in prayer as you seek to bring the peace of God and comfort to the many Filipino mothers who suffer loss of their children every year as each typhoon season descends on the Philippines.

    Also, may it touch the hearts of recalcitrant children who do not appreciate their mothers went abroad and suffered much depravation to be separated from them, in order to remit the hard earned money home for their children’s education and to have hope for a better life.

    The Lord help you to focus on the work in hand, and be inspired to write His message to the all mothers too who suffer from separation from their children who may be lost and need the Lord..

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