Seasons of Wait…

Seasons of Waiting

The Chinese have this saying: “Birth, aging, sickness and death are inevitable stages in life.”  One does not have to live long to witness these stages enacted in the lives of those around him. Progress in human science and medicine may have resulted in an improved quality of life for mankind, but it has not given the human race any more control over these stages of life than before! Certainly, these progresses have armed the human race to be in a better position to increasingly understand the inate mysteries of life itself. But there is also a sense somehow, that as we have improved, so we have deteriorated!

Of late, my thoughts have been mostly about another discipline in life that I have come to realize (though I may not as easily have come to accept) is an essential part of being alive: the discipline of waiting. As long as one is alive, one will inevitably find oneself waiting. Waiting for a significant person to appear; waiting for an opportunity (as in a job?); waiting for a response to a query; waiting for a ride; waiting to see the doctor; the list goes on.

An internet search of the word wait came up with results such as these: to remain inactive as until something expected happens; to be available or in readiness; to remain neglected; to look forward to eagerly. Just from these selected definitions, it is clear that there are two attitudes when it comes to the concept of wait. One is a passive stance, while the other is an active one. Needless to say, these two attitudes will lead to entirely different outcomes. And that is precisely what makes the difference: ATTITUDE! If you have to wait, you have to wait. If nothing can change this reality, choosing a negative stance will not only NOT change anything about it, but will also add to the existing hardship!

The Scriptures are full of instances where attitudes are reflected. On occasions where our Lord Jesus was challenged, did He not sometimes choose to ignore, to walk away from a prickly situation? In certain situations, when those around Him were clearly aiming to provoke Jesus into some form of reaction, was it not obvious that our Lord chose a calm and measured response instead (Mark 2 & 3)? A classic and powerful demonstration of the impact of a right attitude is found in the incident of how Jesus calmed the storm threatening a boat full of experienced fishermen. In fact the child Jesus already exuded this demeanor as can be seen in his response to his parents’ frantic (though understandable) questioning of his disappearance (Luke 2:49)! Indeed, biblical evidences attesting to the Lord Jesus’ collectedness are aplenty.

We can easily trace this back to a basic root reason: the assuredness that Jesus has; assured of His identity in Himself, in relation to the Persons of the Trinity, in His role in the salvation plan of God the Father! It is precisely because of His assuredness can our Lord Jesus then face the undeniable cruelty and excruciating torture of the impending crucifixion. While there were moments when His total humanity sets in to attempt to thwart His divine perception (Garden of Gethsemane), yet we see the obvious exercise of His will in choosing to submit unequivocally to divine authority! In so doing, God’s salvation plan for mankind became an assured reality, and we stand today, as redeemed fruits of Jesus’ obedient sacrifice! A zillion AMEN to the trinitarian Godhead!

How then does His personal example relate to us frail creatures who proclaim and profess this Jesus as our Lord and Saviour? As I began to point out at the beginning of this write-up, our human and earthly existence will be dotted with stages and moments of waiting. I will be the first to admit that waiting is not the easiest discipline to achieve. To start out with, if all waiting that we have to engage in comes with a guaranteed desired and choice outcome, I am sure no one will gripe about the wait. Quite recently, there was a media report of a massive crowd who waited for the launch of a certain product, only to discover at the end of their long and arduous wait that the desired product had ran out of stock. A frenzied outbreak of tempers in retaliation resulted! Next, very often when the waiting duration is indefinite (and hence, beyond one’s human control), this factor itself will certainly deter many from choosing to wait!

Seasons of waiting are a part of our earthly but redeemed lives! They are not easy to endure; desired outcomes are not controllable; folks around those choosing to wait often misunderstand and so, do not lend the needed support (sometimes even adding salt to wound). In the process of the wait, other aspects of life continue (commitments and responsibilities to be shouldered remain). Indeed, all of these can add anguish to those who wait! Hence, it is imperative that before the child of God embarks on a season of waiting, that he or she be sufficiently clear and assured that this too is the will of the Father, not one that is the result of personal impulsiveness or reactive emotions.

Richard M. Weaver once said, “Ideas have consequences!”  Indeed, they do. Sin is a terrible and acute example of this. However, if these ideas are cast in the direction of our heavenly Father from the very beginning, then the consequences (whatever they may be) will surely be within the grip of His strong and loving hands too! He is the One who had promised that “they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31). Further affirmation of this divine promise is found when we are reminded that “faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen…without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him” (Hebrews 11:1,6).

May we lift up those we know who are currently engage in a season of waiting, that our loving Father will carry them in His gracious hands and supply them with His wisdom, faith and peace that passes all human understanding! To God be all glory!


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5 Responses to Seasons of Wait…

  1. cwfkys11 says:

    Thanks…my own record was a 3-year’s wait! But got a reminder today: not “if I get that job” but “when I get that job” mindset because the outcome is confirmed when it is Him who holds the key!

    • ptl2010 says:

      Amen. He says wait..we gotta wait..longer wait if we still haven’t got it! ..Father knows best. Meanwhile, occupy till it comes.

      Fill my cup Lord
      I lift it up Lord
      Come and quench this thirsting of my soul
      Bread of heaven feed me till I want no moe
      Fill my cup, lift me up and let me stand.


  2. sisterdot56 says:

    just a lil hi is a new MORNDAY”Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. – Psalm 150:6 (NIV)DOT

  3. ptl2010 says:

    I was in an extended period of waiting many years ago. It lasted slightly beyond one year!

    I had received my retrenchment benefit at a time I chose, one year after a mutli-national boardroom struggle and after handing over my what was known as “indispensable” duties to my successor located in another country

    Being happy to be retrenched, the plan was initiated to travel the world as I was one of the fortunate to have received more than a year’s salary. First country I travelled to was the USA with my very youthful grandmother. It was fantastic because we travelled from San Francisco all the way to New York. I would not have missed it for anything.

    Upon my return, something happened. My face broke out in lesions which would subside when drugs were given, and after each course, the lesions would return. I lost all my retrenchment money to so many doctors and specialists until finally in desperation I went to the clinic no one wanted to go to, where communicable disease patients were sent to. I became a specimen for each time international specialists visited Singapore, I was asked to let them look at me to establish what was wrong with me. No one could say for sure even though my specimens were sent to many laboratries around the word, as my mother prayed hard for my healing. At one point, she looked so exhausted with concern in church(from which I was absent all that time) that a dear brother, who was a pharmaceutical representative, recommended a renowned Christian family physician who was his customer.

    The appointment was made for me and my mother to visit this doctor. One look at my mother and then at my face the good doctor knew what he had to do. He told my mother “I want us to pray first for I need God’s wisdom and discernment how to treat her. Only God has the answer. I do not have it. ” He was right to refocus our attention on Almighty God whom we serve instead of on the stubborn disease that will not let me go. But he shook my mother’s confidence when he said “I do not have it” when her hope thus far, was that he would give me the right diagnosis and prescription.

    He prayed fervently and I knew my mother’s faith in God grew within those few minutes and so did mine. When he prescribed me steroids he said it was triple the normal dosage and could cause harm to my kidneys and other systems in my body. He will not taper it for me but the Lord working through my body will tell me when it was time to start tapering the dosage, and I was to halve the prescribed dosage, and continue until again my body signalled I should reduce it further when by measures of halve, I would finally be weaned of the medicine. It took six months when finally the lesions did not recur and the marks needed time to disappear and be healed completely. I guess some cynical readers would question the good doctor’s treatment and handling of the medicine, but he trusted fully in God to give me the healing unconventional though his method was as he believed that God who created me knew when it was time to reduce the medicine dosage.

    When I felt much better I was so bored to have stayed at home just waiting for healing and I started waiting for a job. Scouring the papers, I knew I was not fit enough for a full-time job. There it was a part-time job and I applied for it was located not far from my home. On reading my resume, the Chairman of the Committee comprising of Heads of the consortium of companies called me personally and invited me to apply for a full time job in middle management at his company (way ahead of peers at my age) as I was over-qualified in experience. I was considered a high flyer immediately I was recruited and given such treatment to His glory – the subject of another part of my testimony.

    However, then I had to wait another six months before employment took place, for each time the appointment was scheduled I broke out in lesions for one week and then it subsided. It happened six times till I wondered if it was time for me to look for another job instead. No that Chairman waited for six months for me to join them and it was timely for the organization, and that job paved my career to retirement over 30 yearrs later, as one by one their management development committee members were replaced until it was acceptable to recruit someone at my offered level. I knew it was the Lord’s preparation because all we spoke about at the more than half day interviews was a sharing how memebers themselves or one of their relatives had to battle allergies. Also, from the very beginning of my employment I was to establish to all that I was a miracle believing Christian. The Lord was there all the time. He knew what was happening. Ever since, I have learned to wait on the Lord and each time I have done so, His promise for those who wait on Him has proved ever true. Praise God. My wish is all who read this testimony and are waiting, will be encouraged. It is worth waiting on the Lord for He not only knows your tomorrow, He knows every tomorrow after that to His glory. So hang in there and wait on the Lord, for it will be waiting worth waiting for.

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