Hanging Out With Daddy

Deutsch: Lutherbibel von 1534 English: Luther ...

Deutsch: Lutherbibel von 1534 English: Luther Bible, 1534 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do I study the Bible?

First, because I’m one of those strange people who loves to read and learn. If there’s an area of my life that my wife probably wishes I would stay away from a little more than I do, it’s my study desk. I sit down with the intent to read a couple chapters of the Bible, and before I know it, there are fifteen study resources laid out on the passage I was reading and six hours have come and gone.

But that’s not the only reason I study the Word of God. Scripture itself tells us to busy our time in its pages. We’re told it is profitable and rewarding to bury the messages of the Bible in our hearts.

I also study the Bible because life is only available through its teachings. The Word of God proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ! Martin Luther once said that Jesus could have died a thousand times, but it would have done no one any good if they never heard the gospel. Life is found in the Word! Jesus is the Word!

There’s another reason I spend every available moment (balance, I must be balanced… I have a relationship with my wife also) in God’s Holy and inspired Word. I believe this is how our Heavenly Father has chosen to speak to His children. I believe when I go to His Word, He speaks to me. I’m not talking so much about audible here… it’s much louder than that. But if I want to hear Him audibly, I need only read aloud. It’s His Words I’m reading!

Do you share a similar passion for God’s Word? Do you long for the next opportunity to open the Bible and feast on the meat, milk, bread, and water that truly fills? If not, why?

The reasons I have been given in the past by believers for not yearning to be in the Word range from ‘it is boring’ to ‘I can’t understand it.’ Can this be true?

Think about the ‘boring’ statement for a moment. Is there a single recorded event in Scripture where God spoke or visited and the recipients of His Word walked away saying, “Man, is our God boring?”

Of course not! When God moved among His people, their lives were radically changed. It is no different today! God describes His Word as, “living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart (Hebrews 4:12).” Does that sound in any way boring?

What about… ‘It’s too difficult?’ First, let me assure you that if you are truly a born again believer in Jesus Christ, you have been equipped to hear and understand the Word of God (1 John 2:27; John 14:26). By the way, this doesn’t mean we don’t need pastors and teachers. God equips certain people in the body because we do need them. Secondly, if the words you are reading are difficult to comprehend because the language seems different from how you normally communicate, then possibly you need to consider another translation. There are some excellent ones to choose from. (When you’re choosing a translation to study from would be a great time to take advantage of your pastor’s wisdom)

Spending time in God’s Word is much like any relationship in our lives. How would your spouse or child or best friend respond if you inadvertently recognized them on rare occasions as though you really weren’t concerned about what they were doing or had to say? I think of my relationship with my own wife. Many times through the course of a week we find ourselves just chit-chatting about what’s going on in one of our lives. That’s the relationship God wants with His children. It is through prayer and His Word that we fellowship together. We come to His Word shouting, “Daddy! (Abba, Father) You’re Here! (Romans 8:15)!”

About mtsweat

Seeking the rest that is only promised and found in Christ Jesus, along with my treasured wife of more than twenty-five years, we seek to grow in our relationship with our Heavenly Father, walk with the Holy Spirit as He moves our hearts, loving others always as Jesus loves us, and carry the news of His glory, the wonderful gospel, that gives light and life where there once was only darkness.
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17 Responses to Hanging Out With Daddy

  1. Wonderful message, my friend.

    I must confess that I have not always been ALIVE in The Word. I tried many times with little success to “read” the Bible.I had three problems:

    1. I was reading this as I would any novel. Easy to see the problem there. I most certainly wasn’t studying the Bible, nor was I allowing God’s Word to speak to me.

    2. With a strong interest in the sciences, I was trying to use science to either prove or disprove God. I had it exactly backwards.

    3. I just wasn’t on a good footing with God (the Triune). As a control freak, I wasn’t about top turn my life over to God.

    I’ve turned each of these around. Now, the Word of God is central to my life in every way. And you’re absolutely right… it speaks LOUDLY!

    Shalom, Art

  2. wdednh says:

    Reblogged this on YOU DECIDE.

  3. wdednh says:

    Just Right:)

  4. RJ Dawson says:

    Loved reading this. AND I CAN RELATE!

  5. KingdomofGodservantv4 says:

    How do you get back into God’s Word, when you through blurred vision can only look at small portions of Scripture at a time, when you used to digest books at time? What do you when you’re down in the valley and all you can do is praise and worship, and you can’t seem to get into the Word as much as you used to because of physical ailments. What is your suggestion? You try to even listen to the Bible, but your attention span becomes that of a mouse, but I guess that’s where discipline comes in. If you’re going to use an audio Bible, what passages of Scripture do you recommend. I love the Word I know I do….but I can’t seem to get into it as much as I used to, like there is a hinderance to reading it.

    • mtsweat says:

      Good friend… before responding, please read a comment from a very dear sister in Christ from over at my place.

      “We read the Gospels not merely to get a picture or an idea of Christ but to enter in and pass through the words of revelation to establish, by faith, a vital contact with the Christ Who dwells in our souls as God.” Thomas Merton.
      Hanging out with Daddy, indeed. That is why the hours fly by when praying and studying…we are not just doing an intellectual work, we are in the midst of a living, growing, loving relationship. Woo-Hoo!!! (I think that’s Greek.)”

      Our Lord seeks us out and finds us! He does so because He loves us and wants this amazing relationship that words cannot describe. Once He has found and redeemed us, He makes us His own! When He purchases us, He does something incredible! He gives us an unquenchable desire to know Him! We love Him… we want to be just like Him! The only way that can happen is to learn of Him. We do that with His Word. But as my friend said, it is more than just intellectual knowledge… it bur-roughs its way into the very fabric of our being. …and we want more, and more, and more!

      God’s promises are ever true! He promised that if we will seek Him with all our hearts (Jer. 29:13), He will be right there (James 4:8). Sometimes, it’s difficult to see Him. But we trust that He is always faithful to His promises. During times, such as the one you are going through, we must hold to His promises. We must first ask… have I rightly responded to the Gospel? Jesus paid it all! We place our trust in His finished work on the cross. He paid our sin debt. We repent of our sins… meaning we agree with God that we are sinners and turn from that sin and to Him! Then we trust Him to provide. He will! Why?, because He promised!

      Please seek guidance during this, good friend. God gives us wise counsel during the days of darkness as you describe. Pastors, Sunday school teachers, and believing good friends are valuable resources God gives us to help make our way through these times. Don’t take it for granted that things will get better, but find a shoulder and a friend to get through these days.

      I pray that God will give you strength and courage… but most of all that He send Holy Spirit filled believers to lift you up and encourage your walk with Christ. Keep the faith, dear friend. Our God loves you and wants your love. He died to gain that!

      Approach the Word of God much as you enter into a conversation with another person. God is speaking… listen to Him. Be truthful with Him. Thank you for responding so honestly… it is actually refreshing. May we all be willing to confess that we’re not there yet, but praise God… He’s taking us there! God bless, good friend. (as for a recommended passage, start with Psalm 119, but God speaks through all of His Word)

      • ptl2010 says:

        Just adding to MT’s comments above from the perspective of one who is on the fringe of facing similar problems as KIngdomofGodservant4:

        – When we are weakest we find the strength of the Lord. So if our physical abilities seem to be failing us, remember, He is our Healer and take heart. No self pity, but determined perseverance to see God’s will in the state of weakness. Claim His promise for relief from and accept the things we cannot change, change the things we can and ask God to help us know the difference.
        – Our experience is holding us in good stead – Hitherto has the Lord helped us. Hitherto has His Word been a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. Praise the Lord for all His blessings and His Word. We can rest in peace to know that as He was in control before He is in control now.
        – This is the season when we feel our abilities are not as efficient, our concentration less focussed and for shorter span… Praise the Lord we still have them as many have lost their abilities. The Lord understands our weakness at this time in our lives – He promises to be with us in every season of our lives. He is with you and me. Praise the Lord, everyday… for He promised “Lo I am with you even to the end of the age.” Hallelujah!
        – As long as He lends us breath there is a purpose to be a blessing to those around us and to be more like Him – with renewed spirit daily let us continue to seek the Lord and the kingdom of God, and all these things (all you need vs want for you now), He will meet and as bonus also grant the desires of your heart. He has been faithful and will be faithful to the end… He promises according to your days, so shall thy strength be.. Amen.
        – Concerning His Word – we have hidden God’s Word in our hearts through the years.
        Keep attending church or a fellowship or Bible Study group and listen and participate if you can, and listen to the preaching of His Word – for faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. I know a senior lady, she hears the Word of God on Sunday at Worship service and she deliberates on the Word through the week. One word at a time or a phrase and she prays and through the week sh acts on the Word she has been fed on Sunday , putting the Word in action, and loving others. By the end of the week the Word received last Sunday has become the living Word in her life and she is ready for the next. For those with limited focus and reading ability, let us think deep and look deep into our lives. let the Word soak into our lives for that is when we know Him best. So lift up your head, look to Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith throughtout the week so His word is made flesh among us. We can dwell in His Presence continually! That is just wonderful! No amount of reading without application can beat the experience we have in Him.
        – through the deepest trials and difficulties the Lord has used hymns and psalms to minister to my deflated spirit.. how often over the airwaves, comes a pick me up in the words of a hymn, a song of worship, a word of comfort, strength for the weary. Keep our senses tuned in, it could come from a neighbour singing or even through a telephone conversation of from a word through the lips of a child or grandchild. He is reaching out to us all the time, are we listening, hearing, giving Him prioirty and obeying. Mamy let the word of God enter one ear and leave by the other. Hopefully now we have time to dwell on the words we hear and be glad and them reach out to touch lives we can imfluence because of our seniority.

        So dear one in the Lord! Look in, look out, look up! Our redemption draws nigh.

        P.S. If you can buy an I-Pad… you can magnify the words and read much better .. I found it is so relaxing reading ChristianBlessings with bigger letters, these days. Just getting the hang of the I-Pad. With it, I also hope I shall make less typographical errors which I could not see before in full-stops and commas!. Praise God for new technologies!

        Praying that the Lord will be your Helper in your times of need.
        We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.Amen.


      • KingdomofGodservantv4 says:

        I had gotten so deep into the Word, and was getting rhema everywhere and really having Jesus speak through me through His Word, but these have in turn become what Joyce Meyer calls “The Silent Years”, but I am thankful, that not only in His Word, but also through praise and worship songs, and even through all the revelation He still speaks to me, and He shows me things. I have been learning how to rest in His Grace, because right now, if I focus on what I do or don’t do that is sin, then I will overburden myself, but I thank God that now, not only in His Word, but God speaks to me through everything and everywhere. He can even speak through a pencil…so it is like ptl2010 said to keep our eyes sharpened and our senses keen and aware to the voice of God and not focused on our own problems. Thanks guys for your support and encouragement. I am blessed with some audio Bible Cd’s that I have been able to listen to and just converse with God in my heart about them.

  6. “Boring” or “can’t understand it” ~ yes, I’ve had those responses and sadly many others, including “I’ve read it before. I don’t need to read it again”

    I am sure you’ll agree that every time we read a passage, no matter how many times we’ve read it before, God shows us something new. He will emphasise to us a different part, something we had previously missed, something pertinent to the particular moment we are reading it or the situation we are in. It is a living Word because it is THE LIVING WORD of God. It is His communication to us, used by the Holy Spirit to convict, challenge, encourage, teach, direct, motivate, strengthen . . . and so much more.

    Thank You, Lord for Your Word and for the way You use it to “grow” us.

    What an amazing God!

  7. ptl2010 says:

    In the dark we must have light. God’s Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path in this dark world. God’sWord will lead me from earth to heaven by God’s way, the Only Way, by faith in Jesus Christ Who showed me His love by sacrificing His life for me on the cross at Calvary for the forgiveness of my sins. By His Word I learn that through Jesus Christ I am accepted by God to be His child and I will have everlasting life in heaven when I die and leave this world.. What good news! Great hope. Praise the Lord!

  8. mybroom says:

    you gotta love His word!! Jesus is the word, and the bible is all about Him. It’s a feast for the hungry soul. thanks my friend, G

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