“Away: A Search For Home” The Novel


Cover of "Away from Home"

Cover of Away from Home

In our nation, many teenagers grow rebellious or bitter because of parents leaving to work abroad. Many times, some would judge the parents being unwise leaving their families behind. The other side of the court, however, think that these teenagers should instead be thankful for their parents working to finance them.

This issue is not for debate. It’s not a matter of who’s at blame with what happens to the teenagers being left behind. It’s just a matter of responding to the directions that this life take us.

In the case of Felix and his brother, they grew up disconnected with their mother who went to Kuwait to work abroad. When their mother decided to go home and not be away anymore, they still find themselves away from one another.

But this is all fiction. It’s a story that can be told in the novel I am writing. Yes, this is a novel that involves Christianity, more so, the transformation of Felix as he encounters Jesus through someone. With its climax set in the time of Sendong calamity, what will happen to his relationship with his mother as soon as he meets the ultimate Savior. Check out the synopsis and download the free e-novel chapter 1 HERE.


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Believes in Jesus Christ. Happily married. Have two kids.
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5 Responses to “Away: A Search For Home” The Novel

  1. Assuring you of prayer, Job, as you continue in your ministry, and praying that many will read the book and be challenged and encouraged, and that many will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ.
    We serve an amazing God!

  2. ptl2010 says:

    Here in the book is the reflection of a culture we need to learn about so we can pray for the Filipino people with understanding and knowledge and empathy.

    We will learn about
    – why the young feel bitter for mother’s love missed during their formative years and for the abuse they suffered at the hands of absent mother’s surrogates. .
    – How the mothers who are displaced and overseas, far from home feel and deserve our empathy and love so that life can become more bearable.
    – Many in Singapore have Filipino mothers working as maids in their homes as “surrogate mother” in their families. Let us bless them instead of giving them a harder time – to be away from home, constatntly guilty of having left their own children to “surrogates” to tend their helpless children who may be abused, adapting to the Singaporean culture and lifestyle of plenty vs poverty of the Philippines, having different moral values and upbringing is tough, and to oftentimes be humbled in service not being appropriately appreciated. Let us bless them as they are blessings to our children.
    The Lord help us shed abroad His love to these displaced people in the world be it in far away Middle Eastern countries where many are abused and raped, or on the lonely cruise ships or wherever they have landed by air or sea. – these are people God loves, and we need to love and pray for and support to know our Living Lord who can be their all in all wherever they are.

    Let us continue to support and encourage the author of the book, Job as he writes creatively to glorify God and to help save some who will be drawn to the Lord, the Lord who gives peace as He is in control to all that happens.

    • jobrobinson says:

      Thank you so much Ma’am! 🙂 I hope to see similar comments there at the novel’s official wordpress site and or FB page 🙂 This means a lot to me.

      • ptl2010 says:

        I have posted on your wordpress site Job. Afraid cant help with the Facebok. Perhaps a reader who has access to the Facebook can help Job with a comment. Thank you.
        Yes I am and will pray continually for you and your wife as you serve the Lord together.

        God help you in every way to do His will and to be humble in service.

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