Faith Child – Your world of work

Go.. and make disciples  

    Matthew 28:19

Christ Washing the Feet of His Disciples ( )

Christ Washing the Feet of His Disciples ( ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Keep your eye on what you’re doing.. do a thorough job as God’s servant.      2 Timothy 4:5

Many people spend their working days “Making a living” and their weekends and evenings trying to make up for the lack of meaning in their jobs by doing “Christian work”. But that doesn’t have to happen. Almost any job can be used to channel discipleship. In every decade Christians have been engaged in hundreds of occupations at all levels of society, each doing the job well “unto the Lord”. And disciples have been made – who knows how many                                                                      – Like Dew on Your Youth.


Every day you rub shoulders with them
Colleagues of many disciplines, at all levels,
With different key performance objectives.
Yet with one main objective
of maximizing the bottom-line

Competition rife and keen
For performance related pot of gold
paid daily, weekly or monthly
Teams to achieve in minimum time,
maximum effort, highest output.

All pulling together, yet of different faiths
To create a better life for you and them
With different values and persuasions
All heading for heaven or hell
So where and when do you make disciples
So they will be heaven-bound?

Hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second
Everyday faithfully, consistently in opportunities galore
Not slandering or back-biting, persuading and persevering
As you speak, as you transact, as you operate machines,
as you say yes or no, as you are honest with time and record-keeping
In all humility, grace and love as He showed you how.

It is when you grieve and comfort,
when you share, withhold, help or hinder,
when you overlook, bear a grudge, keep scores or reward
win one or lose one  by your words and actions
With heart  surrendered or un-surrendered to Christ.

Being a disciple is everyday
Taking the time to share the gospel
of peace not of dissension, of love not hatred,
Giving even when your rights are trod
Forgiving when so trespassed
As  Jesus Christ,  your Example.

Will you work with joy, not grumbling
With cheer and thanksgiving
With a difference that turns the heads
of subordinates, colleagues, supervisors
When they see Christ’s  love  within your heart,
Everyday a higher step , for you are heaven-bound.

Will you share His love, be  a living sacrifice
Till at last you reach that soul in need
And he turns to say to you
“I am forgiven, praise the Lord
Yes, I have come to love the Word because it is alive in you.”

“Will you teach me the walk of faith
As I battle against temptations sore,
the wiles of the enemy to distract me from the straight and narrrow.
Will you help, pray for me, and support me till I can stand
And lead another to the Lord exactly as you have done

 Making me a disciple?”

Praise the Lord!

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2 Responses to Faith Child – Your world of work

  1. mtsweat says:

    Many lives are left without the influence of the gospel simply because we fail ‘to take His yoke’ into every mission field the Heavenly Father has made available to us. It is why we suffer much burn out and fatigue. His burden is light… ours will always wear us down. His will transform lives… ours will leave us conformed to the world. His will bring glory to God… ours breeds pride and self-service. Let us be about our Father’s business… going and making disciples. A marvelous encouragement for the day, good friend.

  2. I think a line from that poem says it all – “Being a disciple is everyday” – not just every day, but every minute of every day – everything we are, everything we say, everything we do, every attitude we express.

    Christ will use us to reach them – “When they see Christ’s love within your heart”

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