Processing His Plan

The Lord has a plan for us in our own gifted expression. Those gifts shift and move and mature as time goes by. Seldom do they remain focused upon a singular mode or means. As an artist/writer I can certainly attest to that fact.

In my “early days” I was challenged by the immeasurable depth of Gods works.  Before I even dreamed of being an artist, I was a road salesman; traveling the mountains of Colorado on a daily basis. My exposure was the Continental Divide; the mountains, lakes and streams, and wildlife that passed before me in every season. It was natural that when I began painting, these were the prime subjects of my work.

In what might be called my “middle days” travel again became my ticket to the discovery and depiction of  the charm and majesty of man’s creations here in the U.S. and in Europe. In short I painted “things”; buildings, churches, urban settings – hopefully with a message of the grace and spirituality that God had vested  in His art-full children as they made things.

In my “later years” My thought shifted from things to the “source of all things” and the hope that His Word might be expressed visually through interpretation of  key events that where referenced within the Bible. The common term is “biblical narrative”. Hence Daniel in the Lions Den, Moses and the Commandments, the Last Supper. Christ on the Cross.., His Resurrection; Perhaps more than a hundred in all.

With the thought of bringing “testimony through art” a group of twelve artists were gathered, one at a time,  as the Lord willed and commissioned them. We traveled  for a period of four years throughout  the Northwest setting up shows in churches and visiting galleries with a none-for-sale policy, that we might provide inspiration to both viewers and and fellow artists. My blogs have mentioned how it enriched our lives  sharpened our skills, and most importantly it gave witness to God’s workings in us all. As it happens in most all things, it came to an end as we looked to Him for another assignments.

My next excursion was to explore His creativity in the things He made. It stumbled onto this as a marvelous summation, written by Dostoyevsky; “Brothers, love God’s creation, love every atom of it separately, and love it as a whole; love every green leaf, every ray of God’s light; love the annimals and plants and every inanimate object. If you come to love all things, you will perceive God’s mystery inherent in all things; once you have perceived it, you will understand it better and better every day. And finally you will love it with a total, universal love”.

After all this reference to myself and my perception of God’s plan for me, I must ask; “What about you?” Surely He has spoken to you. Surely the Spirit has encouraged you to lift your inner voice in praise in your own and unique way.  Art is what it is;  a means of communication. It may take many forms.; from the visual to the spoken word – from song to the sympathetic ear. We may all have our view of the greatest sin against God. I submit it is to neglect the gift that is in you. It is about witness. It is about why God has surrounded us with such infinite beauty. It is about praise for how all these things impact our lives and give us newness every day.

If we are to “process” anything, we must first recognize that right down to every grain of sand, every sunset, every situation; He had a plan for it to become part of our life-experience. A deeper part of ourselves is unlocked, a part more compassionate and passionate… and less arrogant, more willing to share life with another life.

When ever this happens, we know the real meaning of happiness. Now that’s a Plan!


About 4hispraise

I am quite simply a child of our Lord God. What good that I have done or may do, I pray will reflect solely on the presence of The Holy Spirit who speaks for me in all things.
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4 Responses to Processing His Plan

  1. Beautiful paintings. Because of a competition entry/win when I was aboutr 12 yrs old I was offered free art lessons by a master artist. I was unable to accept because my mother “couldn’t afford” to buy the paper and pencils required for the first lessons.

    Soon after becoming a Christian at 22 yrs old, I was given the task of painting a huge backdrop for the stage for evangelistic meetings. WHY? I had never painted anything. Why me? Later I designed, built and painted a number of props for childrens camp ministries – a full size Cobb & Co coach; A hotel (Glenrown Inn where bushranger Ned Kelly was ambushed) and life size paintings of Ned Kelly in armour; a dinosaur cave and huge dinosaurs; a Viking ship with shields etc and more. I designed a Church to be built on a boat trailer, made of thick cardboard but painted bricks, with stained glass windows, and a bell in the steeple, for a street procession and another with a huge cross and a gigantic open Bible with readable printed pages.

    WHY ME? I couldn’t do these things. I had no skills. But my amazing God had plans and He used me and used what HE produced through me and others who helped, for His own glory. HE has a plan, and HE chooses to use His children to fulfill His plans. May we always be available, obedient and ready to be an instrument in His hands.

    What a privilege to serve such an amazing God!

    • 4hispraise says:

      Thank you for sharing. I guess the bigger question is; “Why any of us?” The seed is planted, we take baby steps in developing them, and the Spirit removes the obstacles and provides the encouragement. It is then the desire for Witness that is the driving force that takes us to where we could never go by ourselves. That would be God’s intention. Without it we are limited and our talents can never enhance our purpose in life.

  2. writinggomer says:

    Wonderful artwork. Wise post.


  3. ptl2010 says:

    Lovely artworks. Thank you for sharing your experience as well.
    As one reflects, indeed the Lord’s plans have been good – over time.
    Perhaps there was pain and questions of Why me? in the process. It is a lesson that
    “For all things work together for good to them who love Him” does take place in our lives.
    Near term things may not look or feel so good but understanding His purpose does make things look good in the long term. The quicker we learn this the better as we then accept the things we cannot change, change the things we can and learn to know the difference.
    Praise the Lord He is patient, full of mercy and grace everyday.

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