Faith Child – Abiding in Christ

Young Grape Vine

Young Grape Vine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How do  we abide in Christ?  By being identified with Christ, we abide in God as our dwelling place. This is a mutual dwelling place – God dwells in us and we dwell in God. This is what God is after today, the mutual dwelling place of God and man.

There are two ways to abide in Christ:

1. The anointing teaches us all things, especially that we abide in Christ (1 John 2:27). Inwardly, we obey the teaching of the anointing, and outwardly, we must walk even as the Lord walked (1 John 2:6). All the believers in Christ have in them the Holy Spirit.  This Spirit is not static, passive, or silent. The Spirit in our spirit is continually anointing us, flowing in us – He is active, aggressive, moving, and working! The moving of the Spirit in us teaches us all things.  The more we read the Bible, the more we can accumulate the words and the knowledge for God to speak to us and teach us through the teaching of the anointing within. The Holy Spirit  guides us into all the reality of what Christ is, reminding us of the things concerning Christ, and inwardly subjectively teaching us all things. We just need to give heed to the anointing and allow the Spirit to operate in us, anoint us, paint us, and coat us with all that God is by listening to the anointing within.

2.  Eating the hidden manna in the ark in the tabernacle (Heb. 9:4Rev. 2:17). The more we eat Christ and are constituted with Christ, having Him deposited into our inward being, the more we are incorporated into the Triune God. The more we eat the hidden manna, the more we become a part of the ark and of the tabernacle, which are a type of the Triune God. The more we eat Christ, the more we become part of the universal divine-human incorporation of God and man! Eventually, the New Jerusalem will be the tabernacle of God and the center is Christ !

What is the goal of God in His processes, His works, His ways, and in all that He is doing?

– not merely to save men and bring them to heaven,

– not only to defeat Satan and regain the earth.

God desires to have an enlarged, universal, divine-human incorporation of the processed and consummated Triune God and the regenerated, transformed, and glorified tripartite man. This is what the Bible reveals especially in the New Testament, with many types and symbols concerning this in the Old Testament. Paul, Peter, and John wrote their epistles and unveiled little by little, here and there, bits and pieces of this complete view.

The Triune God became a man, redeemed man, and wants to bring man into God through the process of abiding in Christ so that man and God, God and man, would dwell together, live together,  for eternity. What a glorious destiny we have!

We abide in Christ to enjoy all His riches. This divine-human incorporation is being realized today by our daily abiding in Christ. God put us here, in Christ, and all we have to do is to abide in Him and let His words abide in us. The issue of our abiding in Christ is firstly that all that God in Christ as the Spirit is will be dispensed and constituted into our being. God’s riches,  His attainments and accomplishments, His attributes, and everything He is –  is being dispensed into us as we abide in Christ.

Just as a branch abiding in the vine receives all the riches of the vine and bears fruit for the glorification and expression of the vine, we abide in Christ and enjoy His riches, and we bear fruit for His glorification!

Lord ,  please keep us abiding in You by taking heed to the anointing within. Praise You for being the living, moving, anointing, and active Spirit in our spirit. Anoint us more today and teach us more subjectively concerning all things. Lord, we want to listen to the anointing and partake of Christ as the hidden manna. Lord, help us abide in Christ. Amen.

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2 Responses to Faith Child – Abiding in Christ

  1. mtsweat says:

    Amen, may we abide in Him. May we make our permanent residence in Jesus. Without Him, we can do nothing. I’m encouraged by the thoughts from Paul… we are seated with Christ at the right hand of the Father! Ephesians 2:6 – God bless, good friend.

  2. When I think of ‘abiding in Christ’ I think of the Vine and the branches and the fact that the very same sap that flows through the Vine (Christ) also flows through the branches (me and all who believe). The very life of Christ Himself is my strength.

    As you say:
    >> “The issue of our abiding in Christ is firstly that all that God in Christ as the Spirit is will be dispensed and constituted into our being. God’s riches, His attainments and accomplishments, His attributes, and everything He is – is being dispensed into us as we abide in Christ.”

    What an amazing God!

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