ChristianBlessings send Happy Father’s Day 2012 Greetings


English: Fathers Department

Blessings to all fathers today.

To those who love the Lord you will receive double blessings as you  know the blessing of the Lord and your children. May He empower you to live for Him as a loving example of the Father of fathers. May your heart be cheered when things get rough as you just lean on Him for strength which is the joy of the Lord. May your days and nights be in Him who is the Faithful One.

To those who do not yet know the Lord, our prayer is for you to find in Him your all in all. The arm of flesh will fail you, you dare not trust your own. Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. We pray that you will receive the blessing of the Lord in life eternal as you find our Father of fathers.  May He then help you to be another example of our Father of Fathers.

To the many spiritual and adopted fathers who have shown much love, may the Lord’s hand continue to be upon you, His wisdom and discernment bless you with insights when children become wayward or rebellious. May the Lord strengthen your resolve to bring up a generation who will love Him whom to know is life abundant.

To the disillusioned fathers. Perhaps you have disappointed the Lord too. Return to Him and let Him be your refuge and strength. He upholds those who are His and even though they fall they will not be cast down. So lift up your face and look into His glorious face, that the things of this world, of disappointment will be put aside and only the eternal values claim your life forever more.

A blessed Father’s Day to all called Father.


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One Response to ChristianBlessings send Happy Father’s Day 2012 Greetings

  1. As one who had three abusive ‘fathers’ I give thanks today for my loving heavenly Father – the PERFECT Father who adopted me into His own family 54 years ago and has never ceased in His loving care and provision for me.

    I praise God for the spiritual fathers who were so much help to me in my early Christian life, and I give thanks for my wonderful husband who has been a good father to our five children.

    I join with you in your prayers for all fathers; that those who know Him will continue to be endowed with His wisdom and understanding and empowered by His Spirit in all their undertakings. I pray for those who do not know Him, that they will come to recognise their need and will look to the Lord who alone is able to give them eternal life and abundant life here and now.

    A happy Father’s Day to all fathers.

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