Faith Child – You can only give what you have

Healing of the Lame Man

Healing of the Lame Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.  And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up: and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength. Acts 3:6-7

Peter and John were at the Temple gate called Beautiful as they were entering  the temple  they came across a lame beggar who showed on his face,  some expectation of them.

Peter’s heart was touched – He said ‘What I have I give’ . He was confident of what he had and as Faith Child we should be confident of what we have   in  regard to spiritual riches. God gives us these, not only in order that we may enjoy them ourselves, but in order that we may impart, and so in our measure enter into the joy of our Lord and know the greater blessedness of giving than of receiving.

How often it has been true that a poor church is one  which says ‘Silver and gold have I none’  and  also one that has  lost the power of saying, ‘In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,rise up and  walk’!

Paul’s  confidence in his possession of power was not confidence in himself, but in his Lord. When we can say to ourselves and to others, In the Name of Jeus, rise up and walk” with as much assurance of its miracle-working power as Peter did, we too shall be able to make the lame  to rise and walk. A faltering voice is unworthy to speak such words, and will speak them in vain.

Peter put out his hand to help the lame man stand up, and, while he was doing so, power came into the shrunken muscles and weak ankles, so that the cripple felt that he could raise himself, and, though all passed in a moment, the last part of his rising was his own doing, and what began with his being ‘lifted up’ by Peter ended in his ‘leaping up.’ Then came an instant of standing still, to steady himself and make sure of his new strength, and then he began to walk.

Faith Child do you have the confidence to say “In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk?” You can only give what you have. What do you have and what can you give to a world that is hoping to find the peace and victory that only Christ can give?

Like Peter, are you helping to lift those who need lifting? or do you say In the Name of Jesus walk without giving them the necessary support to strengthen their faith to walk? Many churches and Christians, think that it is only necessary to lead someone to Christ and then to leave them to rise up and walk on their own. They forget about follow-up and discipling and so the seed that has been sown in lives  is snatched by the devil who is quick to re- capture the weak back into his fold… If the young ones of faith are not taught to stand up in confidence and to walk we may lose a generation of drifters.

Each Faith Child must pursue after righteousness and the Word of life, sufficient to know and be able to say ” Such as I have, give I thee”, meaning to the level that they are able to not only share the Word but also to help by lifting someone else and to enable them to stand securely and walk.

Faith Child should also learn to have miracle working faith to say “In the Name of Jesus, rise up and walk”. Do not limit God in your mind and life. Pursue it. Can we say that to ourselves when we are downcast. or discouraged? Can we say that to whatever bugs us, and rise above the circumstance or break the strongholds that bind us?

Faith Child you can only give what you have. What spiritual riches do you have to share? If not, search for them in the Word, learn from mentors, and experience with the help of the Holy Spirit. Only then can you fulfil the Great Commission. You can not if you have nothing to give.

You are not giving your best if you cannot say ” In the Name of Jesus rise up and walk”. Ask the Lord to increase your faith and learn to take Him at His Word.  Then you will know it is no secret what God can do – what He has done for others, He will do for you. Do not limit your experience with God by staying where you are. Be used of God! What a satisfaction you are missing Faith Child if you are not yet being available and used of God.

I exhort you, rise up and walk! and help someone do the same today.

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2 Responses to Faith Child – You can only give what you have

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  2. The biggest need in our Churches – especially for our teens – is to know WHY they believe WHAT they believe. They need mentors.

    A phrase I often used in presenting leadership workshops was “A leader can lead no one higher than his own level”. We cannot say ‘Rise up and walk’ if we are not walking by faith ourselves. We cannot effectively disciple someone if we are not disciplined ourselves. We cannot teach if we have not already learned the lesson and are practising it.

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