Traffic Season… Ending Mid-Year Well

Something I wrote many years ago. When I was in a traffic season… waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

Here it goes.

Who likes to be stuck in traffic?
No one does!

In a vehicle… stuck… you can’t wait… you want to get rid of the picture of jeepneys and buses lining up on the road… you hate the sight of polluted air coming from their mufflers/exhaust pipes… you want that light to go green asap… it goes green but the vehicle you’re in couldn’t get through the other side… so you wait again… you become more impatient… anything can happen when you get stuck in traffic… and not all of them are interesting… in fact, most of them are awful… but all you can do is WAIT and BE IN THE SITUATION!

That’s actually a season right there– TRAFFIC SEASON as I call it.

Have you ever been in a traffic season? It’s a season where you want to arrive to something or somewhere but you get stuck in something/some place WAITING AND JUST LIVING WITH IT.

I am in a traffic season. It doesn’t feel good to be pressured with a lot of requirements to accomplish. It’s not so much fun to look for more people to support you in your endeavor. It’s not healthy to sleep late or not sleep at all just to finish what has/have to be finished. You want to get through it asap and be in the field but you just have to live with the present and wait until it’s done.

Reality dictates that I have to be in a graduate school to be equipped before getting into action. TO be in this season does not feel so good at times. For the past three days I woke up every morning and kept ranting to my roommate: “I’m tired!!!”

Our country is even in a traffic season. We have been waiting for breakthroughs to come upon the populace, upon our economy, upon our political system, and all there is. Most citizens have become impatient.

But the Bible has the truth for this kind of season.

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.

Who said it’s pleasant to be at such time?
Traffic season. We have to wait. We have to learn to be patient as you live with it even as a nation. We have to look at the details while that lineup of vehicles starts moving. When we look at those details we realize that there are many things we can learn from it. When we live with the situation we realize that we can actually do something productive at the moment like appreciating it or just giving that next person a smile.

I’m in a traffic season. I can’t really say it’s pleasant. But I am learning a lot. I am loving the people, the impartations, the growth process. But I hate the pressure except that I just really have to live with it as reality dictates. I cling on to what the Bible says about it– that there produces a harvest later.

Even as citizens of a nation under this season for a long time, there’s no better way to approach it but learning to grow as citizens while being in the situation itself.

Those of us in such season: “who likes it? No one does. But the process itself and the promise of harvest it produces make us like it.”


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Believes in Jesus Christ. Happily married. Have two kids.

3 Responses to Traffic Season… Ending Mid-Year Well

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Job thank you for your contribution despite your heavy schedule. We are praying for you and Joyce and all Filipinos that even in times of waiting and trials and temptations you will be drawn closer to the Lord and know that His strength and grace is sufficient for you. Stay close to the Lord and persevere as a good soldier of the Lord with no doubt that His love abounds especially through the darkest times. He will see you through. Amen.

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