Faith Child – Daniel, Man of God

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Daniel was a man of God.  Daniel along with 10,000 other Jews  were deported to Babylon fron Judea by Nebuchadnezzar. As one out of 10,000 men, Daniel was trained and indoctrinated  for government service for three years.  He served during the reigns of six rulers including Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Darius, and Cyrus.

Throughout that time we can learn how he lived  to be a  man of God:

– He loved the Lord and did not bow down to the king’s image, even under penalty of death

-He did not forget the God of his fathers.  He was loyal to God in Jerusalem and was loyal to  God in the king’s court in Babylon. In our sojourn on this earth we must have the true God in our lives and not the idols around.

– He knew the Word as he was diligent in studying it and  he kept the commandments of the Lord. For example,  he chose to abstain from  the king’s food and was faithful to the dietary restrictions of the Jewish Torah. He chose a vegetarian diet although the  only prohibition was eating of pork. It was  because the other meat like beef and lamb might have been offered to idols.  Faith Child must know the Word of God as a lamp unto his feet and light unto his path.

– He obeyed and prayed and was not ashamed for others to know it as he dared to stand for God. Actions spoke louder than words.  Do our actions speak louder than our words? Are we reputed to be children of God or do people scorn that we call ourselves “Christian”?

– He trusted God and took a 10 days test to prove that following a diet of vegetables and water was better than eating the food of the king’s courts.  Faith Child must trust the Lord to know God’s faithfulness in His Word and promises. If we trust and do not doubt, we will know His promises are ever true and He will come through for us, for His name’s sake.

– He was available and  kept good company with his 3 friends Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.  So  Faith Child should also be found in the company of other believers for in an evil world not only do we rely on our unseen God but we also need Christian brothers and sisters to support our arms, when our own hands hang down .

– He gave God the glory for his confidence was not in himself but only in God.  Faith Child will be proud if self-reliant, but humble in the power of our  Omniscient, Ompotent and Omnipresent God.

– God did not fail Daniel and his friends and neither will God fail us when we trust and obey.

Are you a Daniel for God?  How do you behave when He blesses you and others become jeolous?

People will notice if you are a Daniel continuously and not like a yo yo in faith, so that the mouths of our enemies will be shut. You cannot sustain your testimony unless you spend time with God. God is  with you to defend you. If you have integrity as taught in His Word, He will guide and guard you. Get to know the Lord, trust and obey Him. Be a Daniel for God.

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2 Responses to Faith Child – Daniel, Man of God

  1. Rob Barkman says:

    I believe that Daniel is one of the greatest men of faith we read about in God’s Holy Word. When we think of all the opportunites that he had to compromise, and yet, he chose to remain faithful to his God…. what a blessing and example for us all!

  2. “Dare to be a Daniel” – so necessary in today’s world, where all the previously held beliefs are being constantly undermined. We need to stand up and be counted, and as you say, be consistent in our witness, so that Christ will be evident at all times.

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