Let us pray for families of victims of the Colorado Theatre incident

Families of victims are no doubt grieving with many unanswered questions.

Let us pray that they will be comforted as they reach out to God in their bereavement. No one can replace those lost in the incident but the Lord. No retribution is ever sufficient and we remember that we must forgive and leave the judgment to our righteous God on the day of judgement.  May families find the peace of God to move on into the future in His strength.

May Christian families, friends and associates be God’s hand extended to them that through the pain, victims’ families  will know they are loved by our Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him and His comfort in this time of distress.

For others who have been traumatically impacted, may they be helped to come to terms with the fact that evil always causes harm and death. May they be encouraged to turn from evil to the peace of God which passes all understanding.

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1 Response to Let us pray for families of victims of the Colorado Theatre incident

  1. Praying for all affected in any way and praying that many will turn to the living God who alone can give real comfort.

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