His Mercy Endures Forever

“Praise ye the Lord. O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good: for His mercy endureth for ever.” Psalm 106:1

The past year has been filled with challenges and change.

I have suffered through injuries, pain, and three illnesses, each of which lasted for more than a month. There has been more than one death in the family, and illness and injury to other family members.

Woven through these challenges have been abundant blessings.

We were blessed with a beautiful baby granddaughter in January.

Our oldest granddaughter gave her life to Jesus last summer, and we had the opportunity to witness her being baptized June 3rd.

My circumstances shifted and changed, making it possible for me to help with family needs just when help was needed.

I have seen the Lord act on behalf of those that suffered, watched as prayers were answered right before my eyes.

I have felt His presence alongside me in my own struggles. His assurance filled my heart and soul in the darkest hours, His strength and peace overshadowed all else.

Each day, grace and mercy were given in perfect measure; always just enough to cover the need, just enough to see me through the day.

And when the next day dawned there was, once again, a full supply of His love and grace and mercy to be drawn on and covered by.

My faith has been strengthened and my daily walk with Him is closer because of the trials that I have been through, and the knowledge that He did not, He will not leave me or forsake me.

I have taken some time away from blogging and the internet to concentrate on my family and my marriage, and am once again seeing first hand God’s love and mercy as He works through difficult circumstances to bring about His perfect will.

My praise and thankfulness are overflowing as I see daily God’s unending supply of strength that is given in full measure when needed.

Each one of us here at Christian Blessings, and we that have given their lives to Jesus, rest in the assurance that He will guide and comfort and sustain us each and every day until He calls us home.

“Oh praise the Lord, all ye nations; praise him, all ye people. For His merciful kindness is great toward us; and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Praise ye the Lord.” Psalm 117:1&2

About Dmott

Child of the King, wife, mom, step-mom, gramma, aspiring author, blessed beyond measure. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13
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6 Responses to His Mercy Endures Forever


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  3. mtsweat says:

    Amen Drusilla! His unmerited grace and mercy endures forever. A special testimony good friend.

  4. ptl2010 says:

    Praise the Lord Drusilla – He has been your Solid Rock and He has been with you through thick and thin. Indeed He IS faithful and good, sticking closer than a brother. As He is with you today He will be for your tomorrows for He changeth not. Glory to Him.

  5. Praise God for your testimony of His love, mercy and grace.
    Indeed, He is a great God who supplies all our needs when we need them, and enables us to overcome in His provision and strength.

    What an amazing God!

  6. writinggomer says:

    Wonderful testimony to God, thank you for sharing.
    Still praying for you all

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