Nuggets – He found the Son!

Mount Hood Highway, Oregon, USA

Mount Hood Highway, Oregon, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was July 25, 2011

and my church friend Penny and I were visiting beautiful  Oregon (after our Alaskan  trip) the favorite territory of our own Uncle Milt (4hispraise ) and his dear wife Aunt Audrey. The day was planned and prepared by our hospitable hosts. The highlight was going all the way up to the top of Mount Hood via the chairlift which we did and enjoyed. It was a cloudy day interspersed with rays of sunshine and the cold (according to Singapore standards 🙂  ) winds blew.

We were famished as we were coming down the mountain and looking forward to enjoying  a home- prepared lunch by courtesy of our Uncle Milt. He had risen early that morning to prepare a refreshing  lunch,  which was then in  a picnic basket  packed to the brim with goodies, in the boot of his car. On the drive down the mountain, we looked for a suitable picnic spot as a light drizzle started. It could not be at the first spot we found, nor the second or third. Unc Milt was determined it should be a sunshiny spot, not a gloomy spot. So on we went, stomachs growling, down the winding mountain road till at last he became agreeable to stop , for there was a shaft of warm bright sunshine coming through the dark  tall trees on to the picnic table and benches under the trees. Wow! We were impressed with his dogged determination. He found the sun!

Out came the large picnic bag, the tablcloth and food and drinks were deliciously laid out and consumed, and thoughtfully,  he even had cushions for Penny and I to sit on the benches. It was a memorable time of feasting and fellowship – our first American picnic in the outdoors. I am sure it was a welcome break for Unc Milt,  from all the driving  that morning  with two stopovers, from his home in Portland up the mountain and down again.

Throughout our trip to Oregon of several days, and several  privileged visits to his home,  we found real evidence  from behavior and pictures  of family members, to decorations and memorabilia in his home and inner sanctum (study workshop where he received his inspirations for his many artworks,) that truly here is a man who has found the Son of God, a man loved by God, his wife, children and grandchildren, and the family of God at his home church. He is a living testimony of someone who has found the Son! Praise the Lord we have such a man in our midst willing to share his thoughts and experience in his walk with the Son. Glory to the Son! May he share his blessings with us  for many more years here on ChristianBlessings.

Note: Nuggets are all about people who have touched my (ptl2010) life of over 60 years. Here is a Nugget of  one man and  his wife who touched our lives for Jesus. Today as Penny or  I  shop in Singapore, and we come across  products on the shelves of fruits and dairy products, from beautiful, bountiful Oregon, we remember  we were introduced to the beautiful  land by one who had found the Son and he is authentic.

“He who believes (present tense = continuous) in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him.” (John 3:36) (ESV)

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  1. Thanks for sharing that precious memory. Indeed there is a big difference in people who have “found the Son”.

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