Nuggets – Extortioner!

Lord Vader

Extortioner (Photo credit: leg0fenris)

We enjoy studying the Word of God together once a week,  that is my able home assistant and I and to add to that time, I also coach her in the English language. We have bonded well – a Singaporean family and a stranger from Myanmar. Praise the Lord.

One evening she came to me at close of day. “Ma’am ” she said, “I have not been able to sleep for many nights. I am so angry.”  I was non-plussed. What is she saying? Was she angry with me? “No ma’am, I am so angry because my friend, she calls herself my friend who goes to church with me and attends all the Bible studies at church, she is extorting money from me. I have given her my first two months’ salary and she is asking me to give her a large portion of my salary every month. I do not know what to do.”  I asked why she had not told me about it. She said that she felt obliged to pay because her friend had introduced her to us.  I asked her how long she intends to keep paying. She was on the verge of tears. “No ma’am I do not know how to tell her I do not agree to pay her anymore. Why should I pay her? I came to Singapore so that I could send my money home to my mother and brother for his education. For three months now I have not sent any money home. I want to stop.”

I knew it was no use for her to continue as she was getting so emotional. I asked her if she remembered that we had discussed 1 Peter 5:7 during one of our Bible studies. She said “Yes, I remember, O I forgot.”” Well,” I said,” we shall stop right now and cast your cares upon the Lord. Shall we?”   She folded her hands immediately and was ready to go to the throne of grace. I led her in  a short prayer of submission of herself and the matter  to the Lord. When she opened her eyes,  relief was written all over her face. She had passed her burden to the Lord in simple faith.

The Lord gave us wisdom as my whole family came together and prayed over this issue. We wanted the Lord to resolve it.

Next day was Sunday, and I invited my assistant to attend my church (instead of going to her church to meet her extortioner) . She was a blessing as there was my friend’s new Myanmar assistant – first time in Singapore, frightened and miserable, knowing no one from her own country. When she saw my assistant she hugged her and seem so relieved. My assistant said she was so happy to be able to make someone else happy. She forgot about her worries and just left her cares to the Lord.

That afternoon the extortioner called my sister asking where her victim was, was she sick,  as she did not attend her church. We suspected she wanted to tell on my maid and let her get into trouble as the arrangement was my maid would attend  church service in her own  language on  her day off.  My sister knew the extortioner was not looking for the welfare of the victim but to extort some more. My sister straightforwardly  told the extortioner that we knew about the extortions and she was doing wrong. The extortioner was shocked that my assistant had told us about it. She ended the conversation abruptly and has not called again – praise God.

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7

If my assistant had not submitted her information to me and then my submission of her problem to God, she would have had to bear her burden alone. So many times in our lives we bear our own burdens when the Lord has called us to cast our cares on Him. We fear, fret and fumble in our effort to resist the devil. In our own strength we know we cannot win.

My assistant was able to leave her cares with the Lord in  simple faith and she slept well that night knowing that the Lord would resolve her problem. So can we in our trials and troubles, leave all in the hands of the Lord for He is more able to handle it than ourselves.

My assistant agreed to worship the Lord and with that mindset went to church. Praise the Lord when we walk in faith, He makes us a blessing and shows us that there is someone worse off then us. Yes, when she saw how miserable the other assistant was, she had to show compassion and love. When she did that she felt the joy of the Lord flood her soul. How often when we are embroiled in our problems, we only look inside of ourselves, feeling worse every moment, failing to understand that if only we look out, we will find someone worse off than us. Then we know that He has put us in our problem so that we may help another.

When the extortioner called my sister who is well versed in the Word and spiritual warfare, my sister  knew that she had to resist the devil in the extortioner and call her bluff.  She did and we have not heard from the extortioner again! Praise the Lord, once again the Word is right – resist the devil and he will flee and all his cahoots.

Faith Child, we will often face the enemy and his cahoots. We must  be able to identify the enemy and stand firm and submit  the matter to God in prayer. Then when the enemy reappears we can with Jesus’ authority that is given us, we can in the Name of Jesus, resist the devil and he will flee from us.

Are you burdened with a load of care? Jesus  sits on the right hand of the Father, interceding for you. Won’t you submit your cares to the Lord? Let Him help you resolve your cares, and  you need to listen to His instructions. Do not be paralyzed with fear or anger. Go in His name and call the enemy’s bluff.  He cannot stay and continue his harassment for Christ reigns and every knee must bow to Him. The enemy must obey and be gone!

Let us submit ourselves to God acknowledging His authority

Let us resist the devil and call his bluff

Let us get close to God for we shall be assured of His protection at all times

Cleanse our hearts and hands from secret sins

Humble ourselves before God.

Watch this video, it will bless your heart “Submit to God, resist the devil”

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2 Responses to Nuggets – Extortioner!

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Amen! God is faithful. He who sees the sparrows fall will hear my call, every moment of the day my Father watches and cares for me. Thanks for your comment Cloudwatcher.

  2. A great testimony of the Lord’s intervention in response to a plea in faith from His child. God is faithful and will ALWAYS honour His promises when we place our trust in Him.

    What an amazing God!

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