Prayer request – Philippines flood and landslide victims 2012

As I watched  the news tonite I saw the torrents of water, floods, and landslide impacts – houses fully submerged or submerged till only the tin-roofs were visible, motor cars being carried by the floods and most disconcerting, the heartbreak of mothers who have lost loved ones to the raging floods. Let us pray for our brothers and sisters as they again suffer from nature’s uncontollabe fury. May they know the Presence of the Lord in this situation. To know that He sees and  knows what is happening. May they call on His Name in this hour of need and the Lord will hear their cry.


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8 Responses to Prayer request – Philippines flood and landslide victims 2012

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  2. I have been praying since seeing the news report. It seems that natural disasters are happening much more often. I pray that out of all the turmoil and despair, people will turn to the living God and find true comfort in Christ.

  3. Rob Barkman says:

    Will definitely be in prayer… thank you very much for keeping us updated on the needs around the world. May He continue to bless you.

  4. You have my prayers. Please God, who created the heavens and the earth, stretch your mighty hand down to those in the Pillipines and bring an end to the loss of life and destruction. Let your powerful Holy Spirit take control and bring restoration, encoragrment and peace to those people and let us all see the Salvation of the Lord in action. We give you the glory and praise Great God in Jesus Christ’s holy name, Amen.


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    My Friends your prayers are needed. When prayers go up blessings do come down. God is in the prayer answering business. Take a few moments of your valuable time and respond to this simple request.


    We will be in prayer with you and will be sending out prayer request to all our readers by posting your request on our blog and on G+1. May our God watch over you and all the people of your community and keep you safe in his divine shelter. In Jesus name, AMEN!

  7. wdednh says:

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