Why Study the Bible?

It is imperative that we study our Bibles, on a continual basis.  Daily, even if we are able to glean only from a scripture or two.  It is only through His Word, that we become transformed in our natural lives.  Our thinking is transformed. Which leads to our speech becoming transformed.  Which leads to our behaviors being transformed.  Which leads, ultimately, to our character becoming transformed.  It is only when we practice studying our Bibles, that we are able to renew our minds from all the trash that is constantly bombarding us daily.  News reports.  Gossip. Misinformation.  Being informed of all that goes against the Word of God.  By His stripes we are healed.  Yet, almost daily, we are being inundated with reports of sickness, illness, disease and even death. The joy of the Lord is our strength.  Yet, almost daily, we are bombarded with mounting pressures.  Pressures at work.  Deadlines. 100 things to do in 5 minutes.  Balancing the checkbook.  Being sure there are groceries.  Having a clean safe haven to retreat to after a brutal day at work. Taking care of ourselves hygienically, as well as those in our lives that requires our attention to their hygiene. Having clean clothing to wear the next day.  Pleasing the spouse. Pleasing the kids.  Pleasing the boss and associates.  Pleasing the laws that govern our everyday lives.  So much pressures and pleasing that joy seems to evaporate into thin air.  Love one another.  Love when we want to take a swing at someone.  Love when we want to give somebody a piece of our mind.  Love when we feel the unfairness encamp around us like a thick fog.  Love when our day is littered with foul-mouthed ugly people.  Love one another, when it takes all we got just to muster some care for me.

Knowing God and knowing His ways gives us an advantage over this world and it’s inhabitants.  We have the honor and privilege to gain knowledge and wisdom and understanding, when we study.  His love will begin to take root and manifest in our lives naturally, when we study.  The traps of the enemy are obvious and easily sidestepped, when we study.  Fulfilling the desires and lusts of the flesh are avoided, when we study.  Our faith remains ignited and reaching for the promises of God, when we study.  Our faith remains connected to the abundant supply of His grace, when we study.  Our righteousness and holiness, that is imputed to us through Jesus, remains preserved in richness, when we study.  Our motivation, becomes love, when we study.

We do not study to become smarter than or better than or stronger than another.  We do not study to prove to others that He is in us and at work in us.  We do not study to impress the masses with our vast knowledge and wisdom in the power of God.  We do not study to gain insight so that we can boast about our accomplishments.  We do, however, become smarter and better and stronger in Him.  And others will see that He is in us and at work in us.  And we will impress the masses with our vast knowledge and wisdom as we feed the hungry masses with the imbued power(s) of God. And we will gain insight that will enable Him to use us in His display of affections upon this earth.  And He will use our knowledge and wisdom gained from Him, to prove that He is, indeed, an all powerful and all knowing God and more than willing to prove His goodness.  We study, to be ready for Him to use us, to work through us.  We study, because He loves them and desires them to know that He loves them.  And He will love them with His power.  The power that has and always will .. Save the lost, heal the sick, raise the dead, enrich the poor, deliver the captive, free the oppressed and bring relief to those in bondage.  We study so that He can demonstrate His love to this world, by His power(s).  We study, so that those that are without will desire to know Him.  We study so that we are ready and equipped when He calls us forward.

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13 Responses to Why Study the Bible?

  1. Great post on the importance of studying the Word, and of the benefits received. Without the unceasing presence of the living triune God and His Word we would be defenceless, but in Christ we are more than conquerors.

    What an amazing God!

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  3. ptl2010 says:

    Praise the Lord His Word is ever true.

  4. rickroehm says:

    Faith is built on the Word of God…primarily what is written in the Bible. For instance, God’s promises and prophecies about Christ. Personal knowledge and personal study about Christ increases your faith. If you have a deeper knowledge about Christ you will grow a deeper faith in Christ. Studying God’s Word makes people wise unto Salvation.

    • debradoo says:

      Amen Rick. And the deeper our faith, the more pliable and flexible we become for His use in this earth.

      • rickroehm says:

        A faithful vessel is a vessel of honor prepared for the Masters’s use. Bible knowledge grows faith in Christ and helps the vessel of honor to stand strong in the stormy weather, when afflictions come, when the opposition is tough, in sickness, the wiles of hte Devil, or submissive when times are extemely good. This vessel of honor is ready, willing, and able to do the will of God at all times. Ever desiring, ever growing and ever increasing in knowledge about Christ from the Bible. A testimony and witness for Christ is much more effective in those who have a greater Bible knowledge.

  5. April says:

    The more I read and study my bible the more I thirst for the words of God.

  6. Lyn Leahz says:

    Amen, I agree with your post one hundred percent!

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