Prayer Request – Recovery from floods in Philippines

The death toll increasing from  60 plus to 80 plus should motivate us to pray for recovery  efforts from floods in the Philippines,  as  fresh water sources are limited. Pray  against  diseases  from drinking polluted water  caused by damaged sewage systems, rat droppings and general lack of clean drinkable water. Last year, many were killed by post flood disease. Pray also for supply of basic provisions for repairs and replacements of materials for  flood victims’ homes which were destroyed and damaged. Pray that Christians will remain strong in faith and trust the Lord to supply their needs and for Christians elsewhere to respond to the calls for assistance and food. Pray for Christian leaders to have wisdom to lead the flock in this time of difficulty.

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4 Responses to Prayer Request – Recovery from floods in Philippines

  1. Praying . . . believing . . . hurting and crying with those who hurt and grieve . . . trusting that in this time of distress and travail, there will be opportunities for people to see and trust the living God.

    • ptl2010 says:

      Yes Angela, when one part of the body hurts the rest of the body feel the hurt too. Let us intercede for them before the throne of grace and our Father will hear us.

  2. Lyn Leahz says:

    Oh Lord, we don’t think of these things until it hits us. We have the lackadaisical attitudes that if we don’t see it, it doesn’t hurt us…but it does! If every believer across the world would all get out on the streets at the exact same hour even for one day and all join together in prayer and singing praises to the Lord, devils would drop from the high places like a pheasant caught by the bullet of a hunter. Why can’t God’s people do something like this? I made this happen in my frist book…maybe enough people will read it that it will happen. How many mountains could be moved if we all took a stand against Satan and the kingdom of hell! Yes, sister, I will pray.

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