Faith Child – Hands

The late Johnny Cash sang and recorded  several songs on Hands .

1. He dedicated” These Hands ” to those who had hardworking hands for the family and their dreams

Will we  be judged by the work of our hands at the end of our journey? We cannot earn salvation by the works of our hands, as salvation comes  to us only  by the grace and mercy of God.  However, we surely can offer of the fruits of our labour to  the Lord in appreciation for His help.

2. Johnny Cash sang “The Devil’s right hand”. Mama said the pistol is the Devil’s right hand.It gets you into trouble and not out of it. We have read about the  the dead and maimed by the Devil’s right hand recently.

3. He sang put yourself  into God’s hands when you have done your best, accept things you cannot change, change those things which you can. It will all work together in “God’s Hands”

4. In  “When He reached down His hand for me”,  Johnny Cash sang how he was miserable, lost and undone when God  reached down His hand for him. Jesus showed him he could be free and lifted him up from way down when he was  without God and His Son.

Are you in a wretched situation? The Lord is reaching out His hand for you. Grasp His hand and live!

If you have already grasped the hand of God,  stretch forth your other hand to a person in need of physical, spiritual or mental help. Those hands God gave you are for working. Work till you hear “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

God made your  hands and placed His stamp of approval upon them.  He gave each hand a unique identity.  No two sets of fingerprints are the same.  But do the fingerprints reveal anything other than strange patterns?  Each hand has 5 fingers, the number for grace.  Four fingers are weak, but the addition of the thumb provides strength, which is an illustration of grace, just as the Lord rules over the four seasons.  There are two hands, one to help the other.  With two hands there are 10 fingers, the number for the Laws of Establishment.  There are ten commandments in the Decalogue.  There are 15 finger joints in each hand, the number for a covering.  The hands cover objects which they grasp.  The hands are used for manual labor.  The fingers are used for writing, pointing, feeling, and touching.

Your hands are special –  will they be saving, helping, keeping, healing hands to yourself,to  those you love and friends and associates?  Live and let those hands minister to those who need your help as you are led by Higher Hands

Higher hands are leading me
by  John W Peterson

Though it seems I’m oft unnoticed
And lost in time and space
God above is watching o’er me
Though I cannot see His face.

Higher hands are leading me (2X)
I am not alone, I know
As I walk this world below
For higher hands are leading me.

There’s a great eternal purpose
In the life of everyone
And someday, we’ll know its meaning
When our days on earth are done.

All my times are in His keeping
He has numbered me my years
And someday He’ll take me yonder
Where there’ll be no pain nor tears.

So I face an unknown future
Full of faith and unafraid
And the peace I have through trusting
For the world I would not trade.

May we always be led by God’s higher hands. And when the end draws near, ask Him to take your hand to glory with Take my Hand Precious Lord

Remember,  your hands

– can save life. Yours and other’s.

– can lose your life or others’  because you use your  hands for delving in sin and carelessness, harassing, abusing, killing, and maiming.

Who has control of your hands?

You? the devil? or God?

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2 Responses to Faith Child – Hands

  1. Hands are such a blessing! I cannot imagine life without hands – fancy not being able to hold a baby! – but apart from that joy, I could do very little without hands; not even the simple things of life. A glance in a concordance will show the importance of hands by the huge number of references to hands in Scripture.

    We often think of the need to guard our minds and our hearts, and of course, our tongues, but as you have brought out here, our hands certainly need to be guarded. Much of the Lord’s work depends on using our hands, and as the old saying goes, ‘the devil finds work for idle hands to do’.

    Lord, take my hands and let them move, at the impulse of Thy love.

  2. mtsweat says:

    Just yesterday evening, the ministry leader of our children’s department spoke to the congregation of staying plugged in to the Word and the Holy Spirit’s guidance to ensure we are always overflowing… so as to have ample supplies for those we are called to minister to. A very good friend is known for always saying that ‘idle hands are the devil’s workshop.’ As you so well say, we will be working for God, or we will be supporting the devil’s agenda. The Bible makes clear we are always either gathering or scattering… no dormant state. Lord, may our hands be at work for Your glory! Blessings, good friend.

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