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After I attended my first church camp at age 12,   and then was baptised with the Holy Spirit, I returned to school with holy fire.

I started a Bible study group among my peers. We were not allowed to use the school building but found a place outside in the school grounds  to have our sessions. At first,  I was buffeted by my peers who debated about  becoming a Christian for to them it meant – no skirts above the knees, no visiting the cinemas, no face-makeup not even lipstick, no going to interesting places like discos or even karaoke lounges, no fun in short, or what was considered ” fun” in those days.  When we got past all those hilarious discussions, we turned our attention on a personal relationship with the Lord,  and all those” fun” items were forgotten for the Word of God provided more challenge  than we dreamt we could ever have.

How could we find the Christian life boring when we dove into the Word  and  found :

–   a personal relationship with our loving Creator/Father in heaven, our Saviour Jesus Christ who sacrificed Himself for us, and the Holy Spirit who empowers us to live above the world and in the spiritual to be challenged to  find His will and live lives pleasing to Him

–  ourselves engaged in a life or death battle with an adversary who like a lion goes around seeking whom he may devour

–  we wanted to  put on  the armour of God daily against the wiles of the enemy

–  we were challenged  to share the love of God and the gospel of peace to our fellow classmates

– we loved  to pray for each other for daily empowerment of the Holy Spirit,  and encouraged one another by testimonies of answered prayers?

– we were more determined to stand firm in our faith when friends made fun of us or ridiculed us.

Life was busy in addition to studies,  and  hummed along in the grace and mercy of the Lord . It was  definitely not boring.

Today, as I look around and find many Christians who complain of boring Christian lives,  I am reminded of Hebrews 6:9-12 “Dear friends, even though I am talking like this I really don’t believe that what I am saying applies to you. I am confident you are producing the good fruit that comes along with your salvation. For God is not unfair.  How can he forget your hard work for him, or forget the way you used to show your love for him – and still do – by helping his children? And we are anxious that you keep right on loving others as long as life lasts, so that you will get your full reward. THEN, knowing what lies ahead for you, you won’t become bored with being a Christian, nor become spiritually dull and indifferent, but you will be anxious to follow the example of those who receive all that God has promised them because of their strong faith and patience.”

The writer of Hebrews is dealing with people who are “bored with being a Christian“. Who wants to live the boring Christian life? What causes that?  Verse 1 says, “Let us stop going over the same old ground again and again, always teaching those first lessons about Christ. Let us go on instead to other things and become mature in our understanding, as strong Christians ought to be.” If you feel bored today, perhaps you are in a rut. A rut comes from driving in the same path over and over and over again. Too many believers remain babes in Christ and progress no further, in allowing  the Holy Spirit to teach them all truth . You have an acceptance of Christ, but as far as relationship goes, it’s  a matter of ritual for you. Go to church because you should. Do enough to look like a Christian, but there’s no diving in to the deeper things of Christ: The discipline of daily time in the Word, the devotion to discipleship relationships and ministry in the Body of Christ. Are you in a rut?

Another ingredient to the boring Christian life  is the calloused heart. verse 4-6 “There is no use trying to bring you back to the Lord again if you have once understood the Good News and tasted for yourself the good things of heaven and shared in the Holy Spirit, and know how good the Word of God is, and felt the mighty powers of the world to come, and then have turned against God. You cannot bring yourself to repent again…” . The hardening of the boring Christian’s heart comes from knowing the right thing to do, but in spite of the Spirit’s prompting, ignoring it and going through life without being obedient to the Lord’s direction.

We’ve all heard someone say, “I’ll follow God later”.  That presumes that there’s something WE do to save ourselves. We cannot come to Christ unless his Spirit draws us. That’s why it is SO important to respond to Him IMMEDIATELY when he’s calling us. Otherwise we lose our sense of direction and purpose. We walk alone… in the boring Christian life.

Are you feeling bored? Are you in a rut or are you rejecting the Spirit’s wooing to a life of challenge? Have you left your first love for the Lord?

Is life boring? Repent and be energised again  to live for Him in the power of His might,  doing the works of the Father as He leads you to, and find that the joy of the Lord is your strength to accomplish great exploits for Him if you choose to.

You need not be bored but be blessed.

 The motions by Matthew West

I don’t wanna go through the motions I don’t wanna go one more day
Without Your all consuming passion inside of me
I don’t wanna spend my whole life asking
What if I had given everything Instead of going through the motions?

Just OK is not enough

Come, Holy Spirit, we need you
Come, Holy Spirit, we pray 
Come with your strength and your power 
Come in your own special way.

Come like a spring in the desert 
Come to the weary of soul 
Lord, let your sweet healing power, 
Touch us and make us whole.


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7 Responses to Nuggets – Life is boring

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  3. mtsweat says:

    I couldn’t help but be reminded of the teacher who applied for a position at a Christian Seminary and was told he was expected to teach in such a way as to bring the Bible to life. To this request, the teacher responded, “Bring the Word of God to life… it is all ready living and vibrant! It brings me to life!” So true about every aspect of our faith. The one who finds walking with our Lord boring probably should make sure who they’re walking with. A quick survey of the Bible leaves us knowing that no one encounters the risen Lord and walks away bored. Neither do we! What an excellent message, good friend. Blessings

  4. Knowing, loving and serving our amazing triune God is the ULTIMATE ADVENTURE, with new discoveries every day. I would have to say that anyone who finds it boring is not walking in the will of God.

    Of course, the Christian life would seem very boring to a non-believer because they CANNOT understand spiritual things and to them heaven would be even more boring. Only a spiritually minded person can look towards heaven with joy.

    Walking this life in the abiding presence of our Lord is the greatest privilege and as we follow His leading, new discoveries open up and He fills us with more wonder and praise . . . certainly NEVER boring!

    What an amazing God!

    • ptl2010 says:

      Amen Cloudwatcher It is a privilege to walk and talk with our Creator God, our Living Lord and Saviour and our Holy Comforter. Life is fun and every day as I open my eyes to a new day, with His help, I commit myself to the day that the Lord has made for me. Indeed there is purpose, challenges to higher heights, opportunities galore in people, circumstances even opposition, diifficult hurdles. Yet He is with us and helps us do things that surprise us and beyond our strength and ability and reach. Yes the fulfilment of dreams in HIs will are not boring as He leads in pastures green, beside the still waters and yes, sometimes daringly in the presence of our enemies we accomplish great exploits and impact with and for Him. Yes, we choose to have a boring life, if we are experiencing a boring life. He has not promised us a rose garden, but life sure is filled with His love, goodness, mercy and grace and we are all invited to experience God personally. God is good. God is Love. God is not boring.

  5. Anna Popescu says:

    Thank you for sharing this important message with us. That Matthew West song has impacted my life so much and I find it playing through my mind very often.


    • ptl2010 says:

      Thank you Anna, for your feedback and comments here and with regard to other blogs. Trust you are being blessed on site, as we are blessed by your visits. Have a great weekend in the Lord.

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