Prayer Request for People in Need Ministries – South India

Folks, here’s a call for your prayer support from India. As the Lord leads you do participate in any way you can. Greetings from India! I am Evangelist Gideon Yathirajam, Founder and Director of: People In Need Ministries (formerly Gideon Gospel Ministries). We are a registered charitable non-profit organization working in the southern part of India; in Machilipatnam Town, which is surrounded by numerous poor villages and hamlets. Our work is among the poor, oppressed, downtrodden, and outcasts; as well as the illiterates, neglected villages and the fishermen.

Me and my wife Deborah  dedicated our lives to serve Lord Jesus Christ, with emphasis on the poor for last 13 years. I deeply feel the blessing of responsibility to preach the Gospel to the un-reached among this world. Through our ministry, we are supporting twenty pastors working in the rural neglected villages, helping the aged widows, teenage boys and girls, as well as orphan children and poor women.

I am soo blessed to visit your PTL 2010 website and I inspired to ask your support to our ministry. Please visit our website and if God guides you and leads you, please support our ministry with one of the project is possible. If you need any information about our ministry or about the project, please do ask us. We will be waiting for your favourable reply. Thanking you!

Yours servant of the Lord,

Evangelist Gideon Yathirajam


A) Orphan children:

In 1989, God visited me and gave me the position of serving the orphans, who in many villages, are left in the streets to beg from house to house to get food. These same children sit before the Hindu temples to get food that was offered to Hindu god’s; they sleep at the bus stops and at the Train stations; and many go on to become thieves who try to steal things from the passengers due to their hungriness. Sometimes, these children throw themselves down under trains and kill themselves. My heart is very heavy for them, and I wish very much to save these kinds of children, feed them and give them education; but most importantly: To make them good Christian children in our society. The Bible says “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” James 1:27.  By God’s grace and through His help, we are providing food, education, medical care and teaching of Jesus Christ to these children.

B) Aged widows:

Through our village visits, we are receiving many aged women who are coming to us and asking our help. These women sometimes try to commit suicide because of their hunger and loneliness. They are neglected by their children and relatives, who consider them unworthy to receive food. Instead, they send them out to beg on the street and sleep in the footpaths. Many times we have collected these kinds of women and gave them medical help, food to eat, used clothes and then strengthened them with the words of God to go back to their homes. We also counsel their children and to their relatives.

C) Poor Pastors:

Our pastors are dedicatedly working for the poor and needy people in the rural villages of: Enda Kuduru, Jeelagala Gandi, Current Colony, SN Golla Palem, Golivani Palem, Raju peta, Temple Colony, Chilakalapudi, Kummari Palem, Balaram Peta. They are very helpful and distributing used clothes, bringing awareness of HIV and AIDS to the public, bringing awareness to the children to go to school for a good future; and, when the natural calamities damages occur, they help us to distribute drinking water, rice, cooking oil, curried dhall. Also, when there are heavy floods, we sometimes move the low line village people to safer locations by boats. Our pastors are not just preaching; they also help the people when there is physical and emotional need.

D) Sewing centers:

We have started five sewing centers in the villages of Madaka, Temple Colony, Jeelagala gandi, Kummari Gudem, SN Golla Palem villages. Through these services, we are able to give training to the youth girls who are illiterate and are turning to illegal work in public. Here in our country, if a mother gives birth to the female child, then the mother, father and their relatives will not be happy, because it is difficult to raise the female child. They will then neglect to give the girl education because they feel that the female child will only go to the bridegroom’s house after getting married, and besides; they have to save lots of money to give a dowry to the bridegroom. To make things worse, if the girl has not have education, then no boy will come forward to marry her, considering that she is not useful to earn money.

Through our sewing center project, we are generating a new life for the teenage girls; as we are paying salaries to the teacher, who then teaches a group of 15 girls for six months. They will learn how to stitch shirts, shorts, pants/trousers, blouses, T-shirts, jackets, sarie pall, baby dresses, lungee and etc; and after finishing the course, we will give them a certificate of graduation. Also, depending on the student’s requirements, we will supply them with sewing machines for their practice. We are seeing great results through this project in benefiting the poor people lives.

E) Helping the people in the natural disasters:

In a village called Arthamuru, a big fire occurred, where nearly 70 thatched houses were burned, and where all of the victims were poor. They were mostly at work, but the aged were at home. The entire villager’s belongs became ash, including their clothes, utilities, money, and food. We went to see the village after one week, and the whole village looks sorrowful, what with no food, no clothes to change, no place to even save their things. When I was in this village, my heart was filled with a burning desire to help these village people. Immediately, we ordered 70 steel boxes to keep their saved things in, and distributed rice, cooking oil, and curried dhall for 70 families. Upon returning, we have distributed 70 blankets for these families. When our distribution was done, the village president came to us, and asked us to help the students with school books. Once again, we have taken the measurements of the students and fitted them with clothes. Now all these students are going back to school with happy faces. Please do ask us, if you wish to see the pictures, and we will send them as an attachment.

We are praying God to open the doors for our ministry. It is our invitation. Please come to our country to see what Lord is doing through our ministry. Please pray for us, and we will pray for you. If you need any information about our ministry, please do ask.

Brothers and sisters, please search deeply into your heart and pray to see if the Lord is placing in on your heart to help us.

God bless you!

Yours brother and sister in the Lord,

Evangelist Gideon & Deborah Yathirajam

Our mailing address:

Evangelist Gideon Yathirajam

Door No: 20/585-34

Lakshmanarao Purum

Machilipatnam – 521 002

S. India.

Phones: ++91-8672-252885 (Landline) or ++91-9848-212-509 (Mobile)

E-mails: or

Note: ChristianBlessings collaborates in the work of the Lord here in prayer support and publicising news of this work. Kindly make your own assessment of this work directly with them, if you wish to help them financially. ChristianBlessings bears no liability or  responsiblity for the stewardship or accountability for any part of People in Need Ministry, India.

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