Prayer Request Update on People in Need Ministry

Greetings in Jesus precious Name! I thank you very much for your continuing prayers and support for the ministry.

Here is the update on the present position in our Krishna District of our Andhra Pradesh state. This year, second time cultivation became very bad, farmers are facing much troubles for the irrigation water. Most of the people in our state, depends on two crops every year. Due to lack of water, this year, second time also, we lost the cultivation. The farmers which they have taken the loans from the bank, now they are unable to pay back because there is not agricultural cultivation. This is the natural calamity situation. I request your valuable prayers for the people who depend on God and looking for His mercy upon them. God bless you!

Your brother in the Lord,
Evangelist Gideon Yathirajam

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3 Responses to Prayer Request Update on People in Need Ministry


  2. Continuing to pray. It is difficult to comprehend the great need in so many areas, but our God is able to supply the individual needs of His children who trust in Him.

  3. Lyn Leahz says:

    If you have time dear sister, could you please add these requests in the comments field here Thank you so much and God bless you!

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