Faith Child – Struggling against time in retirement


Retirement (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

You have had a wonderful career, or not so wonderful. You have had your time at work and for everybody else and wished you have more time for yourself.  Then comes the day of your “retirement” from work. What a glorious day you think to yourself. I will be out of work. I have my life before me of doing nothing! Havent I earned it? I deserve it! yeah!

The first day of retirement dawns beautifully bright. It is 9.30am you have slept right through sunrise and the sun is in your eyes. Why? nothing to do, nothing to accomplish today. Why not laze around. I shall not have breakfast. Perhaps brunch and have only two meals a day. That will be good for my health – eating less, and less work preparing meals, and washing utensils and crockery.. Yes! Eat less, cook less, wash less!

A sedentary person, or "typical couch pot...

A sedentary person, or “typical couch potato” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The afternoon arrives and you are in siesta mood. Why not? let those who want to work, work. I will have my siesta after all I am on retirement. At 5 oclock you find you are drunk with sleep. You cannot awaken yourself because sleep has overtaken you. No! I must wake up to prepare dinner for my family who will be returning from school or work.

It is 7pm and the whole family have arrived and are awaiting dinner. Hold it. Just another half an hour and dinner will be served. O no! sleep has not got out of my eyes, it has made me forgetful. Now I have a burnt main course and several hungry people on my hands! It’s Ok, less work… what about instant noodles… there you go… let us have instant noodles for dinner. We will have some ice-cream after that with no guilty conscience. So everybody was talking about work today.. and I have none…but the burnt dinner!

After dinner wash up and I will be a couch potato today – I will watch the new TV serial while the others pursue their hobbies, complete their homework or even leave for an evening of brisk walking to the mall and back. No, I shall sit on the couch and enjoy!

Soon not being able to concentrate, I fall fast asleep… and so life goes on day after day… same thing.. less housework, less cooking, less, washing, TV and lots of sleep.

There is lots of time.. but after one month.. what had I accomplished? no fulfilment.. just drudgery of waking up, doing something, being a couch potato. Soon the pounds pile up and the lethargy and inertia is very comfortable. The abnormal becomes the norm.

If it becomes a struggle against time – there seemingly is none. However, your body is aging and yes, there is a struggle against time because if you do not do more exercise, have more simple objectives to accomplish and purpose in life, you really are going to struggle and you will feel it.

No with all the time in the world on your hands, you cannot keep doing what you have adopted as your lifestyle. You cannot remain inward looking and forgetting others, letting the world pass you by. Wake up! the Lord gave you the morning, afternoon, evening, night. Each for you to occupy till He comes. What are you doing with your struggle against time?

Time and tide waits for no man. You are three parts – body, soul and spirit. Each part affects the other. No work, no joy, no objective, depression. Truly you cannot let depression ruin your retirement. So get off your couch and live!

How will you spend your retirement? You should not leave it till you are in retirement. You should plan your retirement before it dawns upon you. Have a purpose, for accomplishment, find exciting ways to keep you alive, people who will live life with you!

And what about God? He should be your first Consultant. He should be your real purpose and your inspiration and energising spirit. He should have first priority in your retirement and you will never worry for your fight against time in your retirement. Seek Him, Find Him and Give… away what He fills you with and He will fill you again and again until rivers of living  water flow out of your belly, streams of agape love, to all in need, to seekers, to followers, to encouragers.. God is building a people of power.. won’t you have a part?


Have a Live-wire Retirement (Photo credit: mrmoneda)

You will be a person of power and authority in God.. yes, you will be strong and in the power of His might, you will conquer the besetting sins, you will live for He is alive in you, the Word made flesh is alive in the Spirit in you! Come alive and live for Jesus. Because He lives, I can face tomorrow… amen! Because He lives, all fear is gone. Because I know He lives within my heart and He walks and talks with me. Praise God.

No retirement for Faith Child.. for He said “Occupy till I come.” Even so come Lord Jesus. To God be the glory. Amen.


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2 Responses to Faith Child – Struggling against time in retirement

  1. “Occupy till I come”
    I look for the day of His return, and I believe it is VERY near, but I must keep working in His service until He comes. There is still much to be done, and more importantly, there are crowds who are walking on the edge of eternity who do NOT know Christ. If I can warn them, I must.

    We are one day closer!

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