8  September, 2012

Respected and our beloved Missionary in the Lord,

Greetings in Jesus precious Name! On 6th Sept 2012, we conducted our monthly prayer meeting with our Pastors and Sewing center teachers. We started the meeting with prayer. As Lord lead me, I shared the Gospel on walk with Jesus. Our Pastors has given testimonies and witness on how God is doing miracles in their church people. Some of our Pastors are saying that, they received phone calls from anti Christian people, asking them to stop street evangelism. They are feeling threat from anti-Christian people. I told them, when it is will of God, the work will be fulfilled and we will get security by His Angels, so no need to feel threat. Our sewing center teachers are reported that 5 sewing machines that was using to teach to our students are not working, need major repairs.
We all have prayed one after one for you, for your family members and for your work. We have prepared the schedule to work in September month. Especially, I put the prayer appeal for the orphanage construction which is going on. Due to heavy scarcity, the River sand cost increased, it is more burden to purchase. Anyway, we are keeping our faith and hope on Lord, that He will grantand will open the doors for us to complete the construction by end of December 2012. My Deborah, everyday conducting prayer with her women group. She is also taking the prayer requests from me and praying for the people who are in need.
We request your valuable prayers for our ministry, for our Pastors, for our Sewing center teachers, for our sewing center students, for our ministry nurse, for our supporting aged widows/women and for our ministry staff.
Yours in His service,
Evangelist Gideon Yathirajam
People In Need Ministries is nonprofit organization, registered under A.P. Societies registration ACT 35 of 2001. Society No. 275 of 2005.  Dedicated to serve the poor, outcaste, illiterates, oppressed and downtrodden, people regardless of caste, religion, sex, or creed. Our programs includes: Children sponsorship, Widows sponsorship, Village development, Literacy programs, Self sufficiency, Micro-loans, Sewing Centers, drinking water, Agricultural projects, vocational training youth retreats, Disaster relief, Medical camps, Church plantation, Street evangelism Pastors seminars, Gospel crusades, HIV & Aids and Tsunami rehabilitations.

Re: Our monthly prayer meeting on 6 Sept 2012. Please pray for us

Note: ChristianBlessings collaborates in the work of the Lord here in prayer support and publicising news of this work. Kindly make your own assessment of this work directly with them, if you wish to help them financially. ChristianBlessings bears no liability or  responsiblity for the stewardship or accountability for any part of People in Need Ministry, India.

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  1. Continuing in prayer for all the known needs and for the people in the ministry.
    1 Samuel 12:23 God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you

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