CHRISTIAN TAGALOG BLOG – Just a Touch from You Lord is so real

A 26 segment × 3 exposure (78 frames in total)...

A 26 segment × 3 exposure (78 frames in total) panoramic view of the Hong Kong skyline taken from a path around Victoria Peak. Français : Vue panoramique de Hong Kong depuis un sentier de Victoria Peak. Image construite en assemblant 78 clichés (26 visées × 3 expositions) réalisés avecun appareil Canon 5D et un objectif 85mm f/1.8 réglé sur f/5.6. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is terrible to feel sick – physically, emotionally and spiritually, when you are alone and away from home. This is also for those who are shut-in for medical and other reasons at home, in an institution or whatever.

Just to have a touch from the Lord is so real
To have a touch from the Lord is so real
If you draw nigh to Him, He will draw nigh to you
To have a touch from the Lord is so real.

Tropical cyclones normally occur during the months of May to November, and are particularly prevalent during September and warnings are issued by the Hong Kong observatory whenever a tropical cyclone centred within 800 km of Hong Kong poses a threat to the territory. I had awakened that morning on my first business trip to Hong Kong when a Gale or Storm Signal No. 9 was  in force: Stay indoors. Stay away from exposed windows and doors to avoid flying debris. If you are away from home, find a safe place and remain there until the danger is over.

I was ensconced on the 38th storey of a five-star hotel with howling winds outside, and with a fever of over 40 degrees Celsius, with a splitting headache and nausea on the inside. I was on a business trip alone with no other team member on site. No family doctor contact, no contact with the host organization (closed and then on typhoon shutdown) as I had arrived late the previous afternoon and had gone to bed feeling unwell, had overslept since  after check-in and into the next morning.  How miserable I felt! I called on the Name of the Lord for a touch on my aching body – only He could relieve me of that fever at that time. I was in bed for a total of two and a half days with unrelenting high fever, vomiting and feeling very weak,  and the Lord was with me with His comforting Presence and through enforced rest and sleep through the typhoon period. Did He send the typhoon knowing I was in need of rest and healing for that time?

Foreign workers, too may feel O so miserable when they feel out of sorts physically, mentally or spiritually.  Perhaps feeling helpless because of the strange environment, language unfamiliarity,  no familiar networks for support. You may feel isolated, depressed, anxious which have been exacerbated by the feeling of loneliness and perhaps abandonment, scared – what if help does not come on time?

What do you do then?  Call on the Name of Jesus – the name above every other Name.

I have been alone in situations when the evil around me was threatening and rampant. Once upon arriving at an airport under military law,  I was so emotionally hurt that others of all nationalities  were allowed to enter the airport while I was held at gunpoint upon disembarking on the airport tarmac and refused entry to the airport terminal – I was to find out one hour later through the airline representative, that actually, corruption thought it had won the day, and that I would relent in co-operating. I was truly innocent and Oh yes, I called on the Name of the Lord where seemingly no human help was near.. and the Lord sent the airline representative to rescue me after an extended time of anxiety and harassment.

If you are far away from other Christians and do not have the opportunity to have fellowship for an extended period, your spiritual life may nose-dive for being isolated and if you do not maintain your relationship with the Lord in prayer, reading of the Bible, meditating on the Word and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit in encouragement and comfort.

However you feel, you must make it a point to sustain your relationship with the Lord and drawing strength from the Spirit of God.
– His arms are wide open to hold you close,
– if only you will hear His tender voice to you.
– Listen to Utube or DVDs or gospel tapes in songs and messages. King Saul who was so depressed was encouraged by the songs sung by David, to harp accompaniment.
– If you have a laptop, computer or handphone and have access to social networking, blogs and utube on the internet go ahead and tap in.
– You must not withdraw within yourself for the more you do that the more sick you will feel.
– Yes, sms, skype and maintain contact locally or even with those back home once in a while wherever and whenever you can do so.
– Most of all pray for God is as far as your next breath away.

Call unto Me and I will show you great and mighty things which you do not know of.” Jeremiah 33:3.  His promises are ever true, He will hear you and come to you for He is a very present help in trouble..

Yes you are in trouble when you are not feeling well as the enemy like a roaring lions walks around to see whom he can devour. Stay close to the Lord and be strong and courageous. The promise is “when the enemy comes in like a flood (could be sickness, anxiety, fears, depression) the Spirit of the Lord will raise and standard against it. ” The Spirit will fight the battle for you. Isaiah 59:19.

He says “I am the Lord that healeth thee”  Exodus 15:26 – remember the Israelites were in a foreign land in Egypt when the Lord gave them that assurance and He gives you who are far away from home, that assurance today.
– Claim His healing for you today.
– Receive His healing standing on His Word – God is not a man that He should lie.

Listen to this song by Don Moen and let it minister to you:

I am the God that
Healeth thee
I am the Lord
Your healer
I sent My word
And I healed your disease
I am the Lord
Your healer

You are the God that
Healeth me
You are the Lord
My healer
You sent Your word
And You healed my disease
You are the Lord
My healer
You sent Your word
And You healed
My disease
You are the Lord
My healer
You sent Your word
And You healed
My disease
You are the Lord
My healer

 Believe, have faith,

Claim His strength, take Him as your Shield, in the Name of Jesus. You have not because you have not asked.

Thank You Lord for Your healing today for by Your stripes  I am  healed. Isaiah 53:5  Amen..

You have His promise. Now ask Him in faith to  heal you.

Now confess Him as your Healer and accept His healing from His hand.

Thank You Jesus You are my Strength. Your Name Jesus is above every Name.  Praise the Lord. Amen.



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2 Responses to CHRISTIAN TAGALOG BLOG – Just a Touch from You Lord is so real

  1. Those of us who know the REALITY of a life in Christ know without any doubt that our heavenly Father constantly has all His blood-bought, adopted children surrounded by His love and providence. When we call to Him, He will answer.

    We serve an amazing God who desires the very, very best for His children.

    • ptl2010 says:

      Amen.. we are so blessed to be called His children.
      His children are blessed after him; with temporal blessings; and, walking in the same integrity as he does, they are blessed with spiritual blessings here, and eternal blessedness hereafter; Psalm 37:26. Praise God.

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