Your Creature Comforts—Do You Recognize the Warning Signs?

Your Creature Comforts—Do You Recognize the Warning Signs?

by Wayne Stiles

I’ll never forget the day the air conditioner went out in my car.Although summer wouldn’t officially begin for another two weeks, for me, it officially began that day.

Joppa Sunset © Stiles Your Creature Comforts—Do You Recognize the Warning Signs?

(Photo: Sunset over Joppa, where Jonah boarded a ship to flee from God.)

The blistering Texas highway winds reminded me of Jonah, the pouting prophet who sulked in the sun with a scorching wind on his head.

There’s nothing like losing your creature comforts to put a little perspective on our priorities.

Jonah Panics, then Prays, then Preaches, then Pouts

Jonah was no more excited to go tell an enemy about God than you or I would be, for the Assyrians ruthlessly butchered Jonah’s people.

We remember his story which began at Joppa.

  • Jonah panicked—but God rescued him with the fish.
  • Jonah prayed—and again, God commanded him to preach.
  • Jonah preached—and what he feared would happen did. Nineveh repented God forgave them.
  • Jonah pouted—and God taught him a lesson by taking away his shade and air-conditioning.

Finally, the Lord applied the lesson to Jonah:

“You had compassion on the plant for which you did not work, and which you did not cause to grow, which came up overnight and perished overnight. And should I not have compassion on Nineveh, the great city?” —Jonah 4:10-11

Jonah’s creature comforts became a higher priority than people repenting and believing in God. Shade meant more than a whole city turning to the Lord!

We shake our heads at pitiful Jonah—until we realize he recorded his blunder for us (Romans 15:4).

This Isn’t about Jonah, You Know

I hate to admit it, but I often find myself more concerned with my creature comforts than with the gospel. Talk about misplaced priorities!

Here are a few warning signs that our creature comforts have replaced our priorities:

I thought about Jonah a lot that hot summer. I also thought about my priorities.

God’s solution for Jonah, who valued his creature comforts more than biblical priorities, was to turn off the air conditioning.

Question: What creature comforts tend to get in the way of your priorities?

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5 Responses to Your Creature Comforts—Do You Recognize the Warning Signs?

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  2. Anna Popescu says:

    Last week our modem died so we had no internet for almost 3 days while awaiting the delivery of the replacement modem. I never realized how much I rely on the internet for so many things! As I said to a friend afterwards, I didn’t know how much I use online Biblical resources until I couldn’t access them. While writing devotionals or composing my blog posts, I almost exclusively rely on online resources even though I have a well-stocked home library. Through this situation, God showed me that I need to spend more time with Him away from my computer and the internet. Lesson learned… now to implement the plan every day!

    • ptl2010 says:

      It is wrong when the computer becomes our master rather than our tool. It is Ok when the computer helps us crown Him King of our lives by giving us access to materials we could never have. He must be the purpose, our focus and the computer should only be an instrument in that pursuit. The computer must not be our only source of help. He is our source of help. He is our help. Let us seek the giver not the gift.

  3. ptl2010 says:

    The wily enemy of our soul will hoodwink us with the most innocent and reasonable of temptations when we are lulled in complacency… and us not being armed or wary 24/7, letting our guard down, he jumps in and takes over before we know it. Thanks for reminder, we need to be vigilant all the time even as the harvest is plenteous and laborers are few.

  4. Strong warnings and challenges! These are questions I must take before the Lord.

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