Pray for Living Light Urban & Rural Development Society, India

Submitted on 2012/09/25 at 5:02 pm

Prayer request from India.As the Lord leads you do participate any way you can.From Living Light Urban & Rural Development Society,India.

Dear Beloved Missionary in the Lord,

Greetings from India! I am Rev.Ch. Mohan Rao (John babu), Founder and Director of: Living Light Urban & Rural Development Society. We are a registered charitable non-profit organization working in the southern part of India; in Kuchipudi city, which is surrounded by numerous poor villages and hamlets. Our work is among the poor, oppressed, downtrodden, and outcasts; as well as the illiterates, neglected villages and the fishermen.

I am soo blessed to visit your website and I inspired to ask your support to our ministry. Please visit our website and if God guides you and leads you, please support our ministry with one of the project if possible. If you need any information about our ministry ,please do ask us. We will be waiting for your favourable reply. Thanking you!
Yours brother in the Lord,
Rev.Ch. John babu

Our ministry is based on scripture found in James 1:27 “Pure Religion
and undefiled before God and father is this to visit the fatherless and
widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the
world”. At present our ministry is helping the orphans, widows and
preaching the Gospel to the poor in India. Our prayer requests are:

1- Bringing awareness on the social structure

2- Removal of illiteracy among the poor communities and nourish them
with the Word of the Lord.

3- Sponsorship for Orphans
Our orphanage consists of 31 children. We are providing them food
clothes, education, medical care and teaching of Jesus Christ.

Normally here in India many children are cursed ones. Due to poverty and
unauthorized pregnancy they were thrown on the roads and most of them
remain as rag pickers, pickpocket. They certainly will become criminals
and anti-social elements if they are not provided love and care. They
sleep at railway stations, foot paths. They do lack of love and strive
for food. But if they are taken into care by some one, they can get
light in their lives. Some of them even become great personalities; some
of them can become pastors, dedicated workers towards God.

So we started an orphanage here in Kuchipudi and we have nearly 31 orphan children
found on the various corner places surroundings us. We found them in
very miserable positions. We brought them into our home and feeding them,
giving shelter and education. But they are money cursed children. It costs USD: 30/- per month to provide child necessities. We are
inviting your prayer and help. They can be named of yours you can adopt
them. We can cordon our work by your prayer and help.

4- Sponsorship for Widows and for a 50 bedded widow home
we are planning an old age home in Kuchipudi. We have 45 old age
people in our surrounding area. They are in between 60 to 90 years age.
Here in India if parents become old they will be neglected by their
children. They even forget how much sacrifices their parents did to
them. In many cases parents are sent away from their homes by merciless
children. On that age, those old people struggle for food and shelter.
Some of them can become beggars and some of them do some work to fill
their stomach even though that work is very hard at their age. Some of
them pull rickshaws too. Many old people even died due to lack of food.
They don’t have any shelter, they do live under trees, railway stations
& bus stations. By the hot summer or heavy cold they do suffer a lot.
Most of them don’t have even sufficient clothes to cover their bodies.
By days going their conditions become even more worse. They may be
attacked by many illnesses too. It is very pitiful that they die because
of lack of food. So we are planning to start an old age home in Kuchipudi
and we will provide them food, shelter, medical care. We give them care
and love which they lacks of. It’s will cost us USD: 30/- to fulfill the
necessities (food, medicine, clothes & shelter) of  old age women &
widows. We are inviting you sponsorships, help & prayer. Be the blessed
one of God by operating us in taking care of curse old ones. We have
hundreds of old and neglected people surrounding our place. By your
co-operation we can extend our work and join more of them in our home.

5- Sponsorship for Pastors, 50 Bicycles with Gas lamps for the village
We have 25 Pastors. They do spiritual services in Villages. They
dedicated their life in the service of God. They work under our
monitoring. They do participate in house preaching, street evangelism,
prayers. They take the words of God to un-reached ones. They do service
in those local Churches and work at those areas. We can involve many
co-workers in our organization. If we be provided sufficient fund to
meet their expenses. Its costing USD: 50/- per month for a co-worker to
reach their expenditure (maintenance) and traveling fares. We are
welcoming your sponsorships, and adoptions for co-workers. By your help
we can prepare more pastors, Evangelists involving in the service of
God. Here are hundreds of villages lacking of pastors. So the remaining
unsaved. Our aim is to reach every far corners and spreading messages of
God to as many as possible. We dedicated our lives to bring spiritual
light in the hearts of people and getting them saved. Our team of
dedicated co-workers looking at for your valuable contribution. All our
25 Pastors working as team and dedicated their life to God. They are
doing full time Gospel work. As we have many towns and villages without
Gospel. We are getting so many positive results in those villages. So
many idol worshipers are accepting Jesus Christ as their saviour. Our
Pastors are poor but by strong determination and faith in God they are
doing their duty. Village people can’t support financially to our
Pastors. Because village people earn low money which hardly fills their
stomachs. They are laborers. With this Pastors are fasting due to lack
of food even though they are doing full time Gospel service. Because
they dedicated their lives for the Lord’s work. To continue this work
and to win many lost souls and to upload our Lord’s kingdom and to reach
all the un-reached areas.

6- Construction of Churches in the rural villages:
As you know church planting is an important activity in Christianity.
We are participating in this work by the blessings of God. We
constructed some churches and some are in incompletion stage. Here in
India we have thousands of villages even don’t have a single church. So
they are in a position of not knowing the Lord. If a church is
constructed there, that does a major role at there and it’s surrounding
areas. Due to lack of funds some construction works become slow down and
even stopped. We are looking for your kind co-operation and contribution
to make them completed and construct a new churches. We need your
co-operation and prayer to build churches. Your name will be put on the
church if you are willing.

7- Our Gospel Musical ministry will assist the poor pastors working in
our rural areas and villages and who cont afford to rent the Musical
band for their general conventions and crusades. The non Christians are
very much interested on the Gospel music, so this is the easy to call
them through the Gospel singing and they hear from the mike system.

God speaks through His Bible “for God loveth a cheerful giver”
IICorinthians 9:7, “And God is able to make all grace abound toward you;
that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to
every good work” IICorinthians 9:8.

What we are doing is A drop in the ocean. Still we have many things to
do for God. If you need any information about our ministry.Please do ask.

Through your help, we touch many lives and win many souls for Jesus
Christ. We need your continues prayers, cooperation and love upon us. We
love you and may God richly bless you!

Yours humbly servant of the Lord,
Rev.Ch.John babu

Rev.Ch.John babu
Kuchipudi, Pin: 521136,
Andhra Pradesh,
S. India.

Phones: ++91-98661-17331 (Or) ++91-90002-94559. (Mobiles),
++91-8671-340828 (Residence)

Living Light Urban & Rural Development Society is registered under A.P. Societies registration
ACT XXI of 1860. Society No. 39 of 1999. To serve the poor, outcaste,
illiterates, oppressed and downtrodden, people regardless of caste,
religion, sex, or creed. Our programs includes: Children sponsorship,
Widows sponsorship, Village development, Literacy programs, Self
sufficiency, drinking water, Agricultural projects,
vocational training youth retreats, Disaster relief, Medical camps,
Church plantation, Street evangelism Pastors seminars, Gospel crusades,
HIV & Aids, Tsunami victims (for their house re-building & new fishnets
and boats repair to fisherman)…

Note: ChristianBlessings collaborates in the work of the Lord here in prayer support and publicising news of this work. Kindly make your own assessment of this work directly with them, if you wish to help them financially. ChristianBlessings bears no liability or  responsiblity for the stewardship or accountability for any part of Living Light Urban & Rural Development Society.

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