A Special Call

Isaiah 6:8

“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!’”

“The willing feet that go on errands of love, work for Christ.”

-Arthur Ingram

Throughout Scripture we have accounts of men and women who were given special tasks, who received a special call on their lives from God. Abraham was called to leave his home country to become the father of God’s people. Samson was called to be a Nazarite—a young man who would never touch fermented wine or have his hair cut—in order to show his commitment to God. James and John were two fishermen whom Jesus called to be His disciples. Paul was blinded and knocked off his horse when Jesus called him to be an ambassador of love. The list goes on and on.

God still calls people today. He asks young persons to prepare for a life of dedicated ministry—and some middle-aged and older persons to leave a career and serve Him in ministry. There are countless other tasks and calls that God gives that are not universal to all the world or everyone who is a believer, but to a specific believer. Maybe even you.

When Isaiah worshiped in the temple and felt God’s call on his life, his answer was simple: “Here I am. Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8) What will your answer be?

Prayer: Lord, I want to go where You lead. Thank You for the tasks You have placed before me. Amen.

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About Lyn Leahz

Lyn Leahz is a journalist, radio show producer and host, author, as well as contributor to numerous alternative media news and opinion sites including her own site, Freedom Nation News. Of particular note, Lyn’s YouTube channel reaches over 110,000 subscriptions, having become one of YouTube’s leading channels on the varied topics associated with “the last days”. For example: a recent interview with author and Christian radio personality, Benjamin Baruch, has garnered over 483,000 views! Her program covers a broad spectrum of subjects: End-times events, spiritual warfare, personal and national repentance, as well as breaking news that speaks to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Lyn’s ministry skyrocketed after completing her first Christian fiction end-times’ novel, Soul Deceiver, in 2011 (available through Thomas Nelson, Westbow Press Publishing Company). Aside from her YouTube channel, Lyn has two radio shows on Leading Edge Radio Network: (1) “Out of the Darkness”, co-hosted with Benjamin Baruch, and (2) “The Lyn and Lisa ‘When Conspiracy Becomes Reality Radio Show’” (with her co-host Lisa Haven). She has interviewed numerous famous personalities like Christian-political artist Jon McNaughton, Brent Baum and Bruce Hall, Producers of the Finding Noah Film, Brett Creamer (also featured on Rick Wiles’ TruNews radio broadcast), 
Michael Snyder, author of the Economic Collapse Blog and End of the American Dream Website (recently featured on “The Jim Bakker Show”); as well as John Shorey, best selling author of The Window of the Lord’s Return, who has also been a frequent special guest on “The Jim Bakker Show” and “It’s Supernatural” produced by Sid Roth. She also has been featured in Prophecy In the News and will be speaking at the 2016 Prophecy In the News Annual Pike’s Peak Conference, as well as interviewing live on her youtube channel other prominent speakers attending the event. My websites: http://LynLeahz.com, http://freedomnationnews.com https://www.youtube.com/user/LynLeahz
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2 Responses to A Special Call

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Every day I am confronted with the worship of other gods in Singapore – this month is the month of the hungry ghosts.. And they burn joss paper indiscriminately showing the fear of evil in their lives.. Thousands of dollars worth of paper money are burnt to appease the devil amd his ghosts It is a slow month for housing sales and most economic transactions fearing bad luck will be attached to them if transacted in this month. This month will end with celebration dinners at which there will be chinese dinners, auction of goods to raise funds for charity and karaoke in a multi- racial multi- religious society. I am constantly faced with the call – will you go and tell? Can I do more? Yes as we are constrained by the multi- racial and multi- religious harmony act which prohibits direct proselytizing and imprisonment for non-compliance, and I need the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and discernment everyday to do sowing and harvesting for Jesus, with whom and at the appropriate opportunity. Praise God there is freedom in His liberty from sin! What a responsibilty and wonderful news to share. When the Holy Spirit moves in His power lives are changed and no one can stop His wonder- working work. Praise the Lord!

    • Hi E. Assuring you of prayer as you face laws against witnessing which could land you in trouble – (something we don’t face here) – praying for divine wisdom to know when and to whom to speak, and for Spirit-led words that will bring forth fruit.

      We serve an amazing God who is still in control and will create opportunities for us. May we all be faithful to use those opportunities for His glory.

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