Christian Urdu Blog – 50. Faith Child – Feet

Faith Child – Feet was written in English by ptl2010 and posted on ChristianBlessings.

This is the urdu translation of the above English blog, and it discusses that our feet can be used

a.  to bring the gospel of peace of Jesus Christ to many people.

b. to pronounce jugement to those who will not accept the gospel.

Read about these two instances and save yourself from judgement.

50-Faith Child-Feet_Ur

The English blog reference on ChristianBlessings is


Share this knowledge on Faith Child – Feet with your family, friends and associates.

Bless them with the knowledge of peace and inform them of the judgement to come for rejecting the gospel of peace.

God bless you as you are a blessing to your loved ones.

About ptl2010

Jesus Christ is coming soon
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