I LIFT UP MY EYES – Psalm 9: 1

Psalm 9:1 :  I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart;  I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. 


I will praise thee, O Lord. I am determined to praise thee O Lord, although it sometimes needs all my determination to face the foe, and bless the Lord in the teeth of my enemies.  Whoever else may be silent I will bless His name.   The overthrow of the enemy of my soul  is  complete, and the song flows with sacred fulness of delight. It is my duty to praise the Lord; let me perform it as a privilege. I will offer all my praise  to the Lord. My praise is to be offered to God alone; I may be grateful to the intermediate agent, but my thanks must have long wings and mount aloft to heaven.

With my whole heart. Half heart is no heart at all.

I will show forth His praise.  True praise is thankful telling forth to others of my heavenly Father’s dealings with me.  this is one of the themes I must speak often to one another, and it will not be casting pearls before swine if I make even the ungodly hear of the lovingkindness of the Lord to me.

When I have received any special good thing from the Lord, it is well, according as I have opportunities, to tell others of it. When the woman who had lost one of her ten pieces of silver, found the missing portion of her money, she gathered her neighbours and her friends together, saying, “Rejoice with me, for I have found the piece which I had lost.” I can do the same; I may tell friends and relations that I have received such and such a blessing, and that I trace it directly to the hand of God. Why have I not already done this? Is there a lurking unbelief as to whether it really came from God; or am I ashamed to own it before those who are perhaps accustomed to laugh at such things? Who knows so much of the marvellous works of God to me as me?;if I  be silent, how can I expect the world to see what he has done? Let me not be ashamed to glorify God, by telling what I know and feel he has done; let me watch my opportunity to bring out distinctly the fact of his acting; let me feel delighted at having an opportunity, from my own experience, of telling what must turn to his praise; and them that honour God, God will honour in turn; if I be willing to talk of his deeds, he will give me enough to talk about

Lord, help me to be Your living witness of Your great love to me and all who will believe. Give me courage to stand up for You in the company of unbelievers, the cynical and those who think themselves better than others. Let me go forth in confidence and in the power of Your Spirit and with all that is within me to bless Your Name. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

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2 Responses to I LIFT UP MY EYES – Psalm 9: 1

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  2. I cannot do other than give thanks to the Lord, with all my heart, because of all He has done and is doing for me. I cannot do other than tell of all His wonderful deeds. He changed my life completely and continues to mould me into Christlikeness. He showers me with the abundance of His love and undertakes for me as He leads me in His way.

    What an amazing God!

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