Prayer Request – People in Need Ministries

Our beloved and blessed missionary in the Lord,
Greetings in Jesus precious Name! We thank you so much for your continues prayers and support for the ministry.
On 5th of October, we have gathered at Endakuduru village and have conducted prayer meeting with our Pastors. We have started meeting with prayer, shared the Gospel on Acts 20. God lead me to speak to the people on how Holy Spirit power will work.
After the message, we received the testimonies from our Pastors, saying that many village people are suffering a lot for food because of lack of works, much people are migrating to other districts. And also our Pastors said that, because of your valuable prayers many people are leading to Jesus Christ to open their hearts to receive Him and their Lord and Saviour. We have made schedule for the house visits.
We all gathered and conducted chain prayer, each one of us have prayed for you, prayed for your family members and prayed for your work. We also asked God to shower His financial blessings upon you. We thanked God for the great loving heart He has given to you. After our meeting, we shared the monthly support to our Pastors and to the Sewing center teachers. 5 of our Pastors requesting your valuable prayers for their churches which are under construction, because of the weather, there is much damage to their thatched prayer sheds, they are planning for permanent prayer house. Please pray for their important need.
Please continue to pray for us, we do pray for you. God bless you.
Yours in His service,
Evangelist Gideon Yathirajam
Our postal address:
Evangelist Gideon Yathirajam
Door No: 20/585-34
Lakshmanarao Purum
Machilipatnam – 521 002
Andhra Pradesh, India.
Phone: 0091-9848-212-509
People In Need Ministries (formerly Gideon Gospel Ministries) is nonprofit organization, registered under A.P. Societies registration ACT 35 of 2001. Society No. 275 of 2005.  Dedicated to serve the poor, outcaste, illiterates, oppressed and downtrodden, people regardless of caste, religion, sex, or creed. Our programs includes: Children sponsorship, Widows sponsorship, Village development, Literacy programs, Self sufficiency, Micro-loans, Sewing Centers, drinking water, Agricultural projects, vocational training youth retreats, Disaster relief, Medical camps, Church plantation, Street evangelism Pastors seminars, Gospel crusades, HIV & Aids and Tsunami rehabilitations.
Note: ChristianBlessings collaborates in the work of the Lord here in prayer support and publicising news of this work. Kindly make your own assessment of this work directly with them, if you wish to help them financially. ChristianBlessings bears no liability or  responsiblity for the stewardship or accountability for any part of People in Need Ministries, India.

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  4. When we read accounts of Christians in India and various other Asian countries, we feel ashamed of times when we complain about our own conditions in our affluent countries. By comparison we have sooooooo much and they have soooooooo little!

    Praying . . . . .

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