I LIFT MY EYES – Psalm 9:7,8

Psalm 9:7,8 : The Lord reigns forever;   he has established his throne for judgment. He rules the world in righteousness  and judges the peoples with equity. 

Response : The enduring existence and unchanging dominion of my Jehovah, are the firm foundations of my joy. The enemy and his destructions shall come to a perpetual end, but God and his throne shall endure for ever. The eternity of divine sovereignty yields unfailing consolation. By the throne being prepared for judgment, I am  to understand the swiftness of divine justice. In heaven’s court suitors are not worn out with long delays. Term time lasts all the year round in the court of King’s Bench above. Thousands may come at once to the throne of the Judge of all the earth, but neither plaintiff nor defendant shall have to complain that he is not prepared to give their cause a fair hearing.

Whatever earthly courts may do, heaven’s throne ministers judgment in uprightness. Partiality and respect of persons are things unknown in the dealings of the Holy One of Israel. How the prospect of appearing before the impartial tribunal of the Great King should act as a check to me when tempted to sin, and as a comfort when I am  slandered and oppressed.

In this judgment tears will not prevail, prayers will not be heard, promises will not be admitted, repentance will be too late; and as for riches, honourable titles, sceptres, and diadems, these will profit much less; and the inquisition shall be so curious and diligent, that not one light thought nor one idle word (not repented of in the life past), shall be forgotten. For truth itself hath said, not in jest, but in earnest, “Of every idle word which men have spoken, they shall give an account in the day of judgment.” Oh, how many which now sin with great delight, yes, even with greediness (as if we served a god of wood or of stone, which sees nothing, or can do nothing), will be then astonished, ashamed, and silent! Then shall the days of your mirth be ended, and you shall be overwhelmed with everlasting darkness; and instead of your pleasures, you shall have everlasting torments.

Who is the King of glory? Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords! Glory to His Name.

But all the money in the world will not serve for our sin, but the judge must answer his bribes, he that hath money must answer how he came by it, and just condemnation must come upon every soul of them; then shall the sinner be ever dying and never dead, like the salamander, that is ever in the fire and never consumed.

O Lord have mercy and even in Your love keep me from evil. Thank You Lord.

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2 Responses to I LIFT MY EYES – Psalm 9:7,8

  1. >> “He rules the world in righteousness and judges the peoples with equity”
    Sadly, many people escape judgement in this world – but God’s judgement is coming and under His judgement there will be no ‘bargaining pleas’, no false evidence, no bribes or twisting of words, no acceptable excuses. His judgement is true and unbiased.

    Praise God that for His blood-bought, adopted children, judgement was carried out at Calvary and we won’t have to face His final judgement – but the warning goes to all who do not know Him; to those who have not accepted the free Gift of salvation in Christ. “It is appointed that all will die, and after death comes the judgement”

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