I LIFT MY EYES – Psalm 9:11-12

Psalm 9:11-12 : Sing the praises of the Lord, enthroned in Zion;  proclaim among the nations what he has done. 12 For he who avenges blood remembers;     he does not ignore the cries of the afflicted.

Response:  The twofold occupation of the children of God  — “sing praises,” and to  “declare among the people his doings.”

The heavenly spirit of praise is gloriously contagious. The person  that has it is never content unless others around are also excited to join singing. Singing and preaching, as means of glorifying God, when joined together  is remarkable.  Connected with all revivals of gospel ministry,  have been  outbursts of the spirit of song. Luther’s Psalms and Hymns were in all men’s mouths, and in the modern revival under Wesley and Whitefield, the strains of such as Charles Wesley,  Newton, and many others, were the outgrowth of restored piety. The singing of the birds of praise  accompanies the return of the gracious spring of divine visitation through the proclamation of the truth. Sing on brethren, and preach on,  as a token that the Lord still dwells among us. It will be well for us to remember that the Lord dwells among his saints, and in the praises of His people.

When an inquest is held concerning the blood of the oppressed, the martyred saints will have the first remembrance; God  will avenge His own elect. Those saints who are living shall also be heard; they shall be exonerated from blame, and kept from destruction, even when the Lord’s most terrible work is going on. The humble cry of the poorest saints shall neither be drowned by the voice of the thundering justice nor by the shrieks of the condemned.

Though God may seem to wink for a time at the cruelty of violent men, yet He will call them at last to a strict account for all the innocent blood they have shed, and for their unjust and unmerciful usage of meek and humble persons; whose cry He never forgets (though he does  not presently answer it), but takes a fit time to be avenged of their oppressors.

He forgetteth not the cry of the humble. Prayer is a haven to the shipwrecked man, an anchor to them that are sinking in the waves, a staff to the limbs that totter, a mine of jewels to the poor, a healer of diseases, and a guardian of health. Prayer at once secures the continuance of our blessings, and dissipates the clouds of our calamities. O blessed prayer! you are the unwearied conqueror of human woes, the firm foundation of human happiness, the source of ever enduring joy. The man who can pray truly, though languishing in most extreme difficulties, is richer than all beside.  The wretch who never bowed the knee, though proudly sitting as monarch of all nations, is of all men most destitute.

Lord, please teach me to praise You with my heart and lips ,  pray with faith and call to You, in all circumstances and especially in the valleys experiences, that Thine may be the glory for ever and ever. Amen.


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2 Responses to I LIFT MY EYES – Psalm 9:11-12

  1. “Sing His praises . . . proclaim what He has done”. Firstly, I appreciate music but can’t sing a note in tune myself. This doesn’t stop me from “singing His praises” and it was only last week that someone said to me “You think God has a hand in EVERYTHING that happens to you!” She went on to say that I’m always talking about something the Lord did, as if everything happened because of Him. What an opportunity! I explained, but it was evident she wasn’t being challenged – THIS time, but it was “another blast in the quarry”. Maybe next time . . .

    • ptl2010 says:

      How wonderful He knows our limitations and gives us the easy part of just sowing the seed wihether in song or life. Then He takes the tough part of convicting and changing lives. Thank you for sharing your experience Cloudwatcher. It is our applications and responses that breathe life into our faith so that it becomes a living faith giving us experiences of heaven below.

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