I LIFT MY EYES – Psalm 9:15 – 18

Psalm 9: 15-18 : The nations have fallen into the pit they have dug;     their feet are caught in the net they have hidden. 16 The Lord is known by his acts of justice;     the wicked are ensnared by the work of their hands.The wicked go down to the realm of the dead,   all the nations that forget God. 18 But God will never forget the needy;     the hope of the afflicted will never perish. 

Response : 

If there were any commendation in plotting, then that great plotter of plotters, that great engineer, Satan, would go beyond us all, and take all the credit from us.The day is coming wherein the daughter of Sion shall laugh them to scorn. There will be a time wherein it shall be said, “Arise, Sion, and thresh.” Micah 4:13 . And usually the delivery of God’s children is joined with the destruction of his enemies; Saul’s death, and David’s deliverance; the Israelites’ deliverance, and the Egyptians drowning. The church and her opposites are like the scales of a balance; when one goes up, the other goes down. The enemies of the Church beware, for the Lord has given due warning.

It will much increase the torment of the damned, in that their torments will be as large and strong as their understandings and affections, which will cause those violent passions to be still working. Understanding, conscience, affections, memory, must all live to torment them, which should have helped to their happiness. And as by these they should have fed upon the love of God, and drawn forth perpetually the joys of his presence, so by these must they now feed upon the wrath of God, and draw forth continually the dolours of his absence.

Oh, how many times did God by his messengers here call upon them, “Sinners, consider whither you are going. Do but make a stand awhile, and think where your way will end, what is the offered glory that you so carelessly reject: will not this be bitterness in the end?” And yet, these men would never be brought to consider. But in the latter days, says the Lord, they shall perfectly consider it, when they are ensnared in the work of their own hands, when God has arrested them, and judgment is passed upon them, and vengeance is poured out upon them to the full, then they cannot choose but consider it, whether they will or no. Now they have no leisure to consider, nor any room in their memories for the things of another life. Ah! but then they shall have leisure enough, they shall be where they shall have nothing else to do but consider it: their memories shall have no other employment to hinder them; it shall even be engraven upon the tables of their hearts. God would have the doctrine of their eternal state to have been written on the posts of their doors, on their houses, on their hands, and on their hearts: he would have had them mind it and mention it, as they rise and lie down, and as they walk abroad, that so it might have gone well with them at their latter end. And seeing they rejected this counsel of the Lord, therefore shall it be written always before them.

The wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. Not only do we read it in the word of God, but all history, all experience, records the same righteous justice of God, in snaring the wicked in the work of their own hands. Perhaps the most striking instance on record, next to Haman on his own gallows, is one connected with the horrors of the French Revolution, in which we are told that, “within nine months of the death of the queen Marie Antoinette by the guillotine, every one implicated in her untimely end, her accusers, the judges, the jury, the prosecutors, the witnesses, all, every one at least whose fate is known, perished by the same instrument as their innocent victim.” In the net which they had laid for her was their own foot taken — into the pit which they digged for her did they themselves fall.

The justice which has punished the wicked, and preserved the righteous, remains the same, and therefore in days to come, retribution will surely be meted out. How solemn is Psalms 9:17 , especially in its warning to forgetters of God. The moral who are not devout, the honest who are not prayerful, the benevolent who are not believing, the amiable who are not converted, these must all have their own portion with the openly wicked in the hell which is prepared for the devil and his angels. There are whole nations of such; the forgetters of God are far more numerous and  the nethermost hell will be the place into which all of them shall be hurled headlong. Forgetfulness seems a small sin, but it brings eternal wrath upon the man who lives and dies in it.

The ungodly at death must undergo God’s fury and indignation. The wicked shall be turned into hell. God hath two hands, of mercy and justice; with the one he will draw the godly to heaven, with the other he will thrust the sinner to hell; and oh, how dreadful is that place! It is called a fiery lake ( Revelation 20:15 ); a lake, to denote the plenty of torments in hell; a fiery lake, to show the fierceness of them: fire is the most torturing element.

The wicked shall be turned into hell, etc. By “the wicked” here we must understand unregenerate persons, .. That person is here spoken of as a “wicked” man that forgets God, who does not think of him frequently, and with affection, with fear and delight, and those affections that are suitable to serious thoughts of God… To forget God and to be a wicked person is all one. And these two things will abundantly evince the truth of this assertion: namely, that this forgetfulness of God excludes the prime and main essentials of religion, and also includes in it the highest and most heinous pieces of wickedness, and therefore must needs denominate the subject, a wicked person… Forgetfulness of God excludes the principal and essential parts of religion. It implies that a man neither esteems nor values the all sufficiency and holiness of God, as his happiness and portion, as his strength and support; nor does he fear him, nor live in subjection to his laws and commands, as his rule; nor does he aim at the glory of God as his end: therefore every one who thus forgets God, must certainly be a wicked person… To exclude God out of our thoughts and not to let him have a place there, not to mind, nor think upon God, is the greatest wickedness of the thoughts that can be. And, therefore, though you cannot say of such a one, he will be drunk, or he will swear or oppress; yet if you can say he will forget God, or that he lives all his days never minding nor thinking upon God, you say enough to speak him under wrath, and to turn him into hell without remedy

Mercy is as ready to her work as ever justice can be. Needy souls fear that they are forgotten; well, if it be so, let them rejoice that they shall not alway be so. Satan tells poor tremblers that their hope shall perish, but they have here the divine assurance that their expectation shall not perish for ever. “The Lord’s people are a humbled people, afflicted, emptied, sensible of need, driven to a daily attendance on God, daily begging of him, and living upon the hope of what is promised;” such persons may have to wait, but they shall find that they do not wait in vain.

We do not serve or wait in vain. Thank You Jesus for Your assurance. You are alive, You are not dead!


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4 Responses to I LIFT MY EYES – Psalm 9:15 – 18

  1. Your closing words “We do not serve or wait in vain” are so true. We have His assurances and we have the experience and REALITY of His abiding presence and His undertaking for us.

    These verses paint a grim picture of what is happening in the world, and worse still, the eternal future of those who do not know Him. Our hearts grieve for them and we try to reach them with the love, mercy and grace of God.

    • ptl2010 says:

      Yes, Cloudwatcher, our hearts grieve for the lost especially our loved ones and we must make every effort to help them hear the call of Jesus, through our talk and walk.
      May the Lord bless your loved ones through you.

  2. Rob Barkman says:

    “To exclude God out of our thoughts and not to let him have a place there, not to mind, nor think upon God, is the greatest wickedness of the thoughts that can be. ” – AMEN! In many ways, when we leave the Lord out of our lives it is a sinful act of omission. By His grace, we will allow him to control every aspect of our being for His glory.

    • ptl2010 says:

      I agree, Pastor Rob, when our priorities and perspectives in life exclude God, we sin.
      How it must grieve the Lord for unrequited love. He will indeed have the final say. of what happens to us for our neglect of Him.
      Amen. Let us be the examples of people who love Him. Blessings to you.

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