Your Kiss is On My List – SoS Saturday

Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind. The End. ~ Granpa (Peter Falk) – The Princess Bride

Ah the Kiss – Do you remember when Jacob kissed Rachel? Check this out – I bet we will see this on Hallmark Movie night in Heaven.

Then Jacob kissed Rachel, and lifted his voice and wept. (Gen 29:11 NASB)

In Psalm 2 we are told:

Kiss the Son, lest he be angry and you be destroyed in your way, for his wrath can flare up in a moment. Blessed are all who take refuge in him. (Psalm 2:12 NIV)

The maiden has two great and repeating requests that run through out the song and here is the first. At this point she is an admirer of the Shepherd King. She may think that He does not even know who she is. But she is smitten!

May he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! (Song of Songs 1:2)

Ok – I know, I told you that the maiden was going to be each individual believer, and we start right out of the gate kissing on the mouth. You ladies may be ok with this, but I might be losing the guys in the second verse. Let me suggest that we read this as “May He kiss me with the kisses of His Word.” There – I know I feel better already.

We are going to spend a lot of time over the next weeks and months (Lord willing) applying word pictures and metaphors, and here is our first.

Since for our purposes we are going to consider this Shepherd King to be Jesus, a kiss from His mouth – would be His Word.

When we look at the mouth of the Lord in the scripture we are usually looking at His Word and His speech. For example

  • …For the mouth of the LORD has spoken. (Isaiah 1:20, 40:5, 58:14 NIV)
  • Then the LORD said to me, “You have seen well, for I am watching over My word to perform it. (Jeremiah 1:12 NASB)

The Word of God is food to us.

  • In Matthew 4:3,4 Jesus tells us “man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord.”
  • In Matthew 6:11, in the Lord’s prayer, Jesus asks God to give us each day our daily bread.
  • God gives us bread not stone as a good Father in Matt 7:9.
  • Matthew 26 shows us that the broken body of Jesus is the broken bread of communion.
  • We understand that healing is the children’s bread from Mark 7:27.

So this divine Kiss is the favor and healing and complete salvation that God offers. [Tweet This]

Join me in asking the Father for the divine kisses from the mouth of Jesus. O Lord kiss us today with the kisses of your Word.

Thanks for joining me today.

Come back soon.


photo credit: Sarah Korf via photo pin cc

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3 Responses to Your Kiss is On My List – SoS Saturday

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  2. His Word . . . the ONLY thing that brings peace when troubles seek to bring us down. Praise God for the power of His Word and the certainty and assurance it supplies us.

    What an amazing God!

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