I LIFT UP MY EYES – Psalm 10:13-15

Psalm 10:13-15 : Why does the wicked man revile God?     Why does he say to himself, “He won’t call me to account”? 14 But you, God, see the trouble of the afflicted; you consider their grief and take it in hand. The victims commit themselves to you; you are the helper of the fatherless. 15 Break the arm of the wicked man; call the evildoer to account for his wickedness  that would not otherwise be found out.

Response:  What, do you think that God does not remember our sins which we do not regard? for while we sin the score runs on, and the Judge sets down all in the table of remembrance, and his scroll reaches up to heaven. Item, for lending to usury; item, for racking of rents; item for selling of indulgences; item for starving of souls;   item for profaning the Sabbath day, with a number more  God has to call to account, for every one must answer for himself. The fornicator, for partaking of filthy pleasure; the careless prelate, for murdering so many thousand souls; the landlord, for getting money from his poor tenants by racking of his rents; see the rest, all they shall come like  sheep when the trumpet shall sound and the heaven and the earth shall come to judgment against them; when the heavens shall vanish like a scroll, and the earth shall consume like fire, and all the creatures standing against them; the rocks shall cleave asunder, and the mountains shake, and the foundation of the earth shall tremble, and they shall say to the mountains, Cover us, fall upon us, and hide us from the presence of his anger and wrath whom we have not cared to offend. But they shall not be covered and hid; but then shall they go the back way, to the snakes and serpents, to be tormented of devils for ever.

Lord You have  seen it; for You behold the  mischief and spite, to requite it with Your hand. God  sees , and will  punish His enemies. From Divine oversight there is no hiding, and from Divine justice there is no fleeing. Wanton mischief shall meet with woeful misery, and those who harbour spite shall inherit sorrow. Verily there is a God which judges in the earth. Nor is this the only instance of the presence of God in the world; for while He chastises the oppressor, He befriends the oppressed.

The poor commit themselves to You. They give themselves up entirely into the Lord’s hands. Resigning their judgment to His enlightenment, and their wills to His supremacy, they rest assured that He will order all things for the best. Nor does He deceive their hope. He preserves them in times of need, and causes them to rejoice in His goodness. O Lord , You are  the helper of the fatherless. God is the parent of all orphans. When the earthly father sleeps beneath the sod, our heavenly Father smiles from above. By some means or other, orphan children are fed, and well they may when they have such a Father.

When our hearts are filled with distrust we feel awkward. An unbelieving soul treads upon the promise as a man upon ice; at first going upon it he is full of fears and tumultuous thoughts lest it should crack. Then, now, daily with resignation of  heart, we converse more with the thoughts of God’s power, faithfulness, and other of his attributes  experience the reality both of his attributes and promises. Though the promises  need not any testimony from sense, to gain them credit with us, yet so much are we made of sense, so childish and weak is our faith, that we find our hearts much helped by those experiences we have had, to rely on him for the future. Therefore it will help me much if I adopt the following practice:  every morning  I must leave myself and my ways in God’s hand. Psalms 10:14 . And at night,  recap how well God has fulfilled His trust, and sleep not till my  heart  is filled with thanksgiving for His faithfulness, and strongly reaffirms   my heart to trust  again in God’s keeping in the night. In event of  any breach of seeming loss for which I  have  by faith insured of my  God, let me observe how God fills up that breach, and makes up that loss to me; and let me not rest  till I  have  fully vindicated the good name of God to my own heart. Be sure I will  let no discontent or dissatisfaction lie upon my  spirit at God’s dealings; but chide my heart for it, as David did his.Psalms 42:1-11 . And thus doing, with God’s blessing, I shall keep my  faith for a longer race, when called to run it.

God does exercise a more special province over men, as clothed with miserable circumstances; and therefore among his other titles this is one, to be a “helper of the fatherless.” It is the argument the church used to express her return to God;Hosea 14:3 , “For in thee the fatherless find mercy.” Now what greater comfort is there than this, that there is One who presides in the world who is so wise He cannot be mistaken, so faithful He cannot deceive, so pitiful He cannot neglect His people, and so powerful that He can make stones even to be turned into bread if He please!… God does not govern the world only by  His will as an absolute monarch, but by His wisdom and goodness as a tender father. It is not His greatest pleasure to show His sovereign power, or His inconceivable wisdom, but His immense goodness, to which He makes the other attributes subservient.

The writer implores “Break thou the arm of the wicked and the evil man.”  Let the sinner lose his power to sin; stop the tyrant, arrest the oppressor, weaken the loins of the mighty, and dash in pieces the terrible. They deny thy justice: let them feel it to the full. Indeed, they shall feel it; for God shall hunt the sinner for ever: so long as there is a grain of sin in him it shall be sought out and punished. It is not a little worthy of note, that very few great persecutors have ever died in their beds: the curse has manifestly pursued them, and their fearful sufferings have made them own that divine justice at which they could at one time launch defiance. God permits tyrants to arise as thorn hedges to protect his church from the intrusion of hypocrites, and that he may teach his backsliding children by them, as Gideon did the men of Succoth with the briers of the wilderness; but he soon cuts up these Herods, like the thorns, and casts them into the fire.  See how the Lord breaks, not only the arm, but the neck of proud oppressors! To the men who had neither justice nor mercy for the saints, there shall be rendered justice to the full, but not a grain of mercy.

O Lord we cannot teach You what to do with Your/our enemies because your thoughts are high above our thoughts, and so Your judgments which rank way above ours in scope, depth and damage. Lord please help us trust You to be our Avenger and not take our  puny actions which make our enemies ridicule us and  boomerang on us. Your judgement is sure and destroys in entirety. Remind us O Lord to let You do Your job and we must do our job of representing Your faithfulness and love to us  for Your glory and to Your praise. Amen.

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