Nilam Cyclone. Please pray for the victims – India

Dear precious people,

We are sad and sorry to hear about the Sandy hurricane which hurt lots of people in USA. We are all praying God for their restoration and to supply all their needs to bring back to their normal life.

In the same time, we had a hit of Nilam cyclone on November 4th. Almost all the rice crops are fallen down. Farmers in the sorrow, whatever their investment became lost. Mostly the thatched houses and sheds have fallen down. The poor people are searching for shelters. Nearly 135 villages have no power supply, no communication with other villages. Till today 25 people died. All the major train tracks and major roads are submerged with water and traffic is jammed in the flood. Travelers are finding difficulty for drinking water and food.

As we are serving among the poor villages with the dedication. We have heart to help these flood victims in our area. We are committing our prayers for the suffering people. Since we are a charity and non-profit organization, we need God’s people prayers and financial support to help these suffering Nilam victims. If God leads you, please send us donation at this needy time by A) cheques, B) Western Money Transfer or C) bank to bank wire transfer. Whatever your help will be highly respected. God bless you!

Yours servant of the Lord,

Evangelist Gideon Yathirajam

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