Faith Child – Cosmetics and Surgery

There comes a time in everybody’s life when the searchlight of God must be switched on. Then we ask the Lord  to Search me O God and know my heart today – am I a cheat or hypocrite?

Are you a pious preacher, an attractive blogger, astute businessperson, a loving husband, a doting mother, an obedient teenager, someone who everybody thinks is a goody twoshoes, and  yet you know you are a cheat and hypocrite by God’s Word?

You know and God knows you  because you are applying makeup every day over the sin that besets you instead of excising by surgery  the root cause of that sin which is the source of sin.

– you cheat on your wife – you have that lustful eye  and are indulging in eye candy even in church  Veiled in furtive glances, behind   dark sunglasses.

– you cheat on God and yourself as you are blogging and twitting or on facebook under guise of an avatar, on subjects you use  cover-up pornography, embezzlement of funds or even cheating the government and authorities.

–  you are having a guilty conscience  and you cannot sleep, are suffering from gastic and other  nervous ailments caused by the guilt that is burgeoning in you – you can’t stop by yourself

Hey, you need surgery for cosmetics is not good enough to rid your guilty conscience –  for the Lord says that you are to put away these things, cut them out of your life or you will die.

A recent spate of high profile men in government service in Singapore involving  sex for favours in procurement awards were brought to court – these men  were caught in sin to their shame, and brought shame to their wives, children, and family, they lost their jobs and were imprisoned.

– you are without abandon, involved in internet and social networking interactions with seemingly young and innocent children who display pictures which border on pornography, scantily clad young children smack of paedophile activities and you are prodding them on to do more and show more by your comments and inuendos.

Come off these, the Spirit says for you cannot hide from God. He sees your heart and judges not by outward appearance.

Come clean and confess your sins to the Lord, repent and cut off from these activities which you know are sin in your lives. The Lord can help you excise these and give you new interests and work for Him with clean hearts and open lives so He can be proud of you.

Don’t be like Achan the man who stole the vanquished’s precious pieces and buried them in the ground, thinking nobody knew about it? But God saw and the whole nation suffered defeat because of one sinner. God drilled down the tribe, the family and pointed the leaders to the culprit – an individual a father. He was a bad example and he and his family had to pay for his sins with their lives. Don’t let this happen to you for when the judgement of God comes, it will not only cause you shame but your family will suffer with you – how can you allow this to happen? you will live with regret all your life and perhaps be haunted not only in the future but your guilt will be manifested in sicknes of body, soul and mind, spoilt family relationships, divorce and ill will mean turmoil within the family because of you!

You do not love yourself or your family if you persist in your transgression. The Lord will not hear you when you pray and you will feel frustrated and ever feel you are being watched.You have lost the joy of the Lord, and you do not have the right spirit in you and perhaps you feel alone and wonder if the Lord has left you.  Somehow You  walk in darkness rather than in the light and great will be your down fall because you hear the message true “Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand!

Confess your sins before God and those who you have offended with your sinful lust, and actions.  Hide God’s Word in your heard so that you may not sin against God. Focus on the things that please the Lord. Extricate your self from association with black sheep who indulge in discreet, hidden unsavoury activities prohibited in the Bible .

Search me O God

Create in me a clean heart

Change my heart O God

Lord, have your way in me

Turn while you can and not be ashamed.

Choose to turn. Flee from the lust of the flesh. Resist the devil.

Ask the Holy Spirit to renew your spirit – cut away the lusts and put within you the right spirit,  help you walk in the way of the Lord and  in His joy once again. What would you give up to revel in His Presence and pleasure once again?

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1 Response to Faith Child – Cosmetics and Surgery

  1. Strong words but sadly necessary words in today’s world. There was a time when Christians stood out as ‘different’ with light shining from them, shining intoi the world of darkness and revealing sin. Now, Christians merge in with the world – and that should not be.

    Lord, in these last days, raise up Christians who will shine YOUR Light so that You can draw others to Yourself while there is still time.

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