Psalms 14:6 ;  You evildoers frustrate the plans of the poor,     but the Lord is their refuge.

Response :  a prayer for the manifestation of the Lord to his people’s joy.

Notwithstanding their real cowardice, the wicked put on the lion’s skin and lord it over the Lord’s poor ones. Though fools themselves, they mock at the truly wise as if the folly were on their side; but this is what might be expected, for how should brutish minds appreciate excellence, and how can those who have owl’s eyes admire the sun? The special point and butt of their jest seems to be the confidence of the godly in their Lord. What can your God do for you now? Who is that God who can deliver out of our hand? Where is the reward of all your praying and beseeching? Taunting questions of this sort they thrust into the faces of weak but gracious souls, and tempt them to feel ashamed of their refuge. Let us not be laughed out of our confidence by them, let us scorn their scorning and defy their jeers; we shall need to wait but a little, and then the Lord our refuge will avenge his own elect, and ease himself of his adversaries, who once made so light of him and of his people.

Ye have shamed, saith he, the counsel of the poor. “They shame it,” saith he, “It is a thing to be cast out of all consideration. The wise man trusts in his wisdom, the strong man in his strength, the rich man in his riches; but this trusting in God is the most foolish thing in the world.” The reasons of it are —

  1. They know not God; and it is a foolish thing to trust one knows not whom.
  2. They are enemies to God, and God is their enemy; and they account it a foolish thing to trust their enemy.
  3. They know not the way of God’s assistance and help.
  4. They seek for such help, such assistance, such supplies, as God will not give; to be delivered, to serve their lusts; to be preserved, to execute their rage, filthiness, and folly. They have no other design or end of these things; and God will give none of them. And it is a foolish thing in any man to trust God to be preserved in sin. It is true, their folly is their wisdom, considering their state and condition. It is a folly to trust in God to live in sin, and despise the counsel of the poor.

O Lord I recall Your Word says ” Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. In You Lord I will have refuge until the kingdom of heaven becomes mine. I do not doubt You and Your Word and shall remain confident in You whatever, man may say. Thank You for being my  Omnscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent God. Amen.

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1 Response to I WILL LIFT UP MY EYES – Psalm 14:6

  1. “The Lord is their Refuge”
    This TRUTH – that no matter what the circumstances of life, the LORD is in control and delights to be a Refuge for His people – is the truth I long to get across to everyone who will hear.
    This TRUTH is the truth that can set people free from all despair and give them hope and peace even while in the midst of troubles.

    We serve an amazing God who is indeed our Refuge and our Strength and our Enabler.

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