Psalm 15:2  The one whose walk is blameless, who does what is righteous, who speaks the truth from their heart.

Respond :   The Lord in answer to the question of who will dwell in His holy hill,  informs us by his Holy Spirit of

–  the character of the man who alone can dwell in his holy hill. In perfection,  this holiness is found only in the Man of Sorrows,
–  in a measure it is wrought in all his people by the Holy Ghost. Faith and the graces of the Spirit are not mentioned, because this is a description of outward character, and where fruits are found the root may not be seen, but it is surely there.

Observe the accepted man’s walk, work, and word. “The one whose walk is blameless” he keeps himself erect and balanced,  as those do who traverse high ropes.  True believers do not cringe as flatterers, wriggle as serpents, bend double as earth-grubbers, or crook on one side as those who have sinister aims; they have the strong backbone of the vital principle of grace within, and being themselves upright, they are able to walk uprightly. Walking is of far more importance than talking. He only is right who is upright in walk anddownright in honesty.

“who does what is righteous.” His faith shows itself by good works, and therefore is no dead faith.

– God’s house is a hive for workers, not a nest for drones. Those who rejoice that everything is done for them by another, even the Lord Jesus, and therefore hate legality, are the best doers in the world upon gospel principles.
– If we are not positively serving the Lord, and doing his holy will to the best of our power, we may seriously debate our interest in divine things, for trees which bear no fruit must be hewn down and cast into the fire.

“who speaks the truth from their heart.” The fool in the last psalm spoke falsely in his heart;  Saints not only desire to love and speak truth with their lips, but they seek to be true within; they will not lie even in the closet of their hearts, for God is there to listen; they scorn double meanings, evasions,  white lies, flatteries, and deceptions.  Our heart must be the sanctuary and refuge of truth, should it be banished from all the world beside, and hunted from among men.  We must be careful that the heart is really fixed and settled in principle, for tenderness of conscience toward truthfulness, like the bloom on a peach, needs gentle handling, and once lost it is hard to regain it. Jesus was the mirror of sincerity and holiness. Oh, to be more and more fashioned like Him!

Dear Lord, make me like You – pure in heart, truthful in practice and sincere and gentle in conduct. May my works reflect You and bafter Your heart. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

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2 Responses to I WILL LIFT UP MY EYES – Psalm 15:2

  1. Blameless walk, righteous works, truthful words . . .

    These should be the recognisable marks of all blood-bought, adopted children of the living God. If they were truly evident, the world would be turned upside down. We would shine THE Light into a darkened world and HE would draw people to Himself.

    Lord, make us like You . . .

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