Beware of the Pharisaical Mindset!

Luke 7:31-35

Can we believe and yet reject the counsel of God?  Luke records just such an event.

The Pharisees were great studiers of the laws and Old Testament.  They prided themselves on knowing all about the laws of God and being knowledgable and wise in all the doctrines they had accustomed themselves to – but in all their learnings and studies – they neglected the most important scripture of all of Biblical history – For God is Love.  They perceived God only in their limited and narrow ideas and thinking.  They read, studied, prayed, tithed, gave offerings, etc., but they failed to recognize God as Love.

The Pharisees of Jesus’s day never even recognized their Savior and His giving all of Himself for their own benefit.  They were more concerned that Jesus did not meet their criteria of a Savior.  They were so busy protecting their generations of religious customs and traditions, that they failed to recognize the Messiah as The Messiah.  Because they were busy keeping their religion intact, they would not allow Jesus to love them.  He wanted to love them – but they rejected His love.  They rejected His love by having their preconceived ‘expectations’ of a Savior, met in their own religious minds.  Their minds were made up about .. What Jesus would look like .. What Jesus would say and do .. How Jesus would act and behave.

Their god was a god of their own ideas, their own minds.  They had taken what they liked and agreed with from the Old Testament and added their own conditons and ideas to the Old Testament, and created their own god.

When we create our own god, we will always fail to recognize the One and Only True and Living God.  The Pharisees were never able to experience the thrill of becoming all that God had destined for them to become, because they were too busy trying to make God become all that they had destined for Him to become.  They were so busy creating a ‘god …That God was not able to re-create them.

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