Faith: The Perfect Place to Receive Heavenly Responses to Earthly Troubles

Scripture Reference: Matthew 17:14-21Rainbow

Jesus healed this child even though he was provoked by the unbelief which had prevented the disciples from healing him. He did not allow their shortcomings to stand in the way of taking care of the afflicted child. He healed the child regardless of their unbelief. The Lord’s will can not be thwarted by our lack of faith. (see Romans 3:3-4)

But, without faith it is impossible to please God. And it is with faith that we receive good things from the Lord. It is through faith that we are saved. We should pray and never give up and this includes circumstances where we are surrounded by negative attitudes and unbelieving statements. We should keep our focus and not allow the waves of unbelief to carry us away from Him. We can always count on the goodness and power of our Lord Jesus. Fervent prayer and the word of God has the power to demolish strongholds of any kind.

Also noteworthy from this incident is that the Lord welcomes children as much as He welcomes the aged. No one is turned away. He is willing to help and to heal, to deliver and to give peace.

Let us rather distrust ourselves and our own strength, but let us never distrust our Lord. It does not please Him when we doubt any power coming from Him or given by Him. It appears that the disciples were not confused by their lack of faith (which is what Jesus accused them of), but more by their lack of success. It is important to examine ourselves honestly.

The Lord will point out where we went wrong if we ask Him as the disciples did here and received their answer from Him. We should not worry about success. Rather we should be concerned about our faith, because when faith is in place, success inevitably follows. It is also a sign of humility if we question first ourselves instead of questioning God’s character and His power.

In this incident the power of Satan over the child was extraordinary. But let not the power of the enemy blind us to the exceeding power of our Lord Jesus. Rather may our faith be strengthened and cause us to pray all the more fervently. Jesus told His disciples that faith can move mountains but there are instances, such as this one, where our faith has to be combined with prayer and fasting in order to triumph over the evil one.

In Mark 9 this incident also relates how the father who brought his son for healing too was lacking in faith. Faith, when is comes together from the healer and the healed, has miraculous results. In Mark’s account of the events, Jesus appears to have answered the father’s prayer that Jesus should help his unbelief because the son was indeed liberated from his terrible condition.

When we fix our eyes on Christ, the pioneer and finisher of our faith, we are placed in the perfect position to receive heavenly responses to our earthly troubles. Only let us not allow unbelief and negativity to keep us from receiving from the Lord’s hand the good things He generously gives to His children.

About Ula

I live near the beautiful city of Cape Town in South Africa. I love writing, reading, cooking good food, gardening, nature and animals. We are a close-knit family who enjoy doing things together.
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9 Responses to Faith: The Perfect Place to Receive Heavenly Responses to Earthly Troubles

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  8. 4hispraise says:

    This must be positive thinking week. I love these efforts … so beautifully described in your post. No need to search for God’s gift in you.

    • Ula says:

      Thanks for reading! As I was reading your comment I was thinking of Paul’s words to the Philippians: “Whatever is noble….”
      Let’s think about good things, he says. The Spirit is truly guiding us to think upon the good while we live in this crazy world inundated with negativity. 🙂

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