The Faith City Family .. Thank You Lord!

Four years ago, I prayed for God to open the doors for my husband and I to find a church we could call ‘home’.  Today, four years later, I am so thankful that God heard and answered my prayer.  Faith City Church is everything I have ever desired in a church.  Have I had my moments of doubt about this church?  Of course.  I do still live in this world and am subject to bouts of the flesh taking over my thinking.  Have I been upset with or angry with a brother or sister of this church?  Of course.  It is my aim to walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the lusts of the flesh, but hey, I do stumble.  Have I disagreed with my Pastor and a thought or two of his doctrinal beliefs?  Of course.  But, God will show both him and I, the truth in all matters, of this I am convinced.  But, through all the imperfections of both the church and myself, I have remained faithful and so has Faith City Church.  There are moments when I just about melt, because of the love and beauty of this church.  Moments when I am so completely proud of my brothers and sisters that are a part of the church.  Moments when they touch my heart, and I touch theirs.  Yesterday, our church held a Thanksgiving dinner for those in need.  We planned ahead for this event, but there was a lack of communication and some unorganization throughout the process.  However, with our wonderful team, we were able to overcome all of these obstacles and pull off a wonderful time of fellowship and fun.  I am just sorry so many missed this event.  People came together to help prepare, set up, and serve the food and drinks.  People came together to help clean up and deliver the leftovers (and there was MUCH) to a halfway home.  A guest from off the streets came in and he was greeted with love and acceptance and served with honor and respect.  He had a case of pink-eye and we all know how contagious this can be.  One of our team leaders immediately grabbed a lysol wipe and went into the bathroom and wiped down toilet and sink and the perimeter of the bathroom.  She never complained and she did it with love and caring about others.  There was a large spill on the floor, and one of our team leaders was on her hands and knees cleaning the floor while all the time, laughing and enjoying the jokes of her husband and I.  The Pastor’s wife, who is a Pastor herself, was there with us and did not hesitate to pitch in and help with the clean up. There was concern about some things and disagreements about others, but we came together as a family and solved the problems.  And, all the time, our Pastor believed we would.  He trusted us.  I was asked to critique the event and write down some things that we might do different next year to make it go smoother and more organized.  But, you know what?  I would not change a thing.  It was a perfect evening.  Thanks be to God, who always helps me to see the love!

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4 Responses to The Faith City Family .. Thank You Lord!

  1. One of the many, many blessings the Lord has provided for us is a Church family, where we build up one another as we serve Him together, working in harmony in the places He has placed us, and reaching out to others with His light, love, mercy and grace.

  2. ptl2010 says:

    it is a great joy to serve the Lord with, love in the Spirit and acceptance of one another with encouragement to righteousness. Sometimes we stumble and fall,, sometimes others stumble and fall but the wonderful part is in picking up our self or someone else, with the knowledge that at the end of the trouble or trial, there is reconciliation, support, hope and God’s love peace, joy, mercy and grace that prevails. The devil can’t have us if Jesus is Lord. I am praising the Lord with you Debradoo, that you have found a church family to serve the Lord and grow spiritually in the Lord with.

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