I LIFT UP MY EYES – Leave your burdens!

In preparing for a  vacation trip,  our tour group was reminded to
– bring minimum luggage so that there is less to carry and less for security check
– leave our worries behind and we will have more flexibility to respond to the challenges that arise during the tour
– we really do not need to carry the heavy load for whatever we need can be found there if we really need it.

Praise the Lord, that is the way we should go through our Christian journey here on earth as we are really tourists here… we should carry the minimum of  baggage
– leave our cares and worries
– He is our Provider
– Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added to you.

During the time of Jesus there were several movements which, like Jesus, sought a new way of living. For example, John the Baptist, the Pharisees and others. Many of them formed a community and had disciples. (Jn 1, 35; Lk 11, 1; Acts 19, 3) and they had their own missionaries (Mt 23, 25). But there was a great difference! The Pharisees, for example, when they went on mission, they went already prepared. They thought that they could not eat what the people would offer them, because the food was not always ritually “pure”. For this reason, they took with them purses and money in order to be able to take care of their own food.
`Go away; lo, I send you forth as lambs in the midst of wolves;
carry no bag, no scrip, nor sandals;
” Luke 10:3,4
Contrary to the other missionaries, the disciples of Jesus – men and women – cannot take anything with them, neither purse, nor sandals. They can and should only take peace. That means that they have to trust in the hospitality of the people. Because the disciple who goes without anything, taking only peace, shows that he/she trusts the people. The disciple thinks that he/she will be received, and the people feel respected and confirmed.

Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee; he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.” ! Peter 5:7 The meaning is, that we are to commit our whole cause to him. If we suffer heavy trials; if we lose our friends, health, or property; if we have arduous and responsible duties to perform; if we feel that we have no strength, and are in danger of being crushed by what is laid upon us, we may go and cast all upon the Lord; that is, we may look to him for grace and strength, and feel assured that he will enable us to sustain all that is laid upon us. The relief in the case will be as real, and as full of consolation, as if he took the burden and bore it himself. He will enable us to bear with ease what we supposed we could never have done; and the burden which he lays upon us will be light, Matthew 11:30.

“For he careth for you” Matthew 10:29-31 He condescends to regard the needs of the meanest of his creatures. It is one of the glorious attributes of the true God, that he can and will thus notice the needs of the mean as well as the mighty; and one of the richest of all consolations when we are afflicted, and are despised by the world, is the thought that we are not forgotten by our heavenly Father. He who remembers the falling sparrow, and who hears the young ravens when they cry, will not be unmindful of us. “Yet the Lord thinketh on me,” was the consolation of David, when he felt that he was “poor and needy,” Psalm 40:17. “When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up,” Psalm 27:10.
What more can one wish than to be permitted to feel that the great and merciful Yahweh thinks on him? What are we – what have we done, that should be worthy of such condescension? Remember, poor, despised, afflicted child of God, that you will never be forgotten. Friends on earth, the great, the frivilous, the noble, the rich, may forget you; God never will. Remember that you will never be entirely neglected. Father, mother, neighbor, friend, those whom you have loved, and those to whom you have done good, may neglect you, but God never will. You may become poor, and they may pass by you; you may lose your office, and flatterers may no longer throng your path; your beauty may fade, and your admirers may leave you; you may grow old, and be infirm, and appear to be useless in the world, and no one may seem to care for you; but it is not thus with the God whom you serve. When he loves, he always loves; if he regarded you with favor when you were rich, he will not forget you when you are poor; he who watched over you with a parent’s care in the bloom of youth, will not cast you off when you are “old and grey-headed,” Psalm 71:18.

If we are what we should be, we shall never be without a friend as long as there is a God.

Response : As I come to the end of this series of I LIFT MY EYES UP I  sugeest that we  pray this prayer of deliverance , claiming the victory through the blood of Jesus for whatever state we are in whether  it is a guilty conscience and in need of forgiveness and cleansing, health is out and we need healing, fear of tomorrow and all the needs we doubt will be met, enemies that need to be contended with or just frozen and paralyzed because we do not know what to do. Let us  claim the victory and leave our cares with the Lord in confidence. Amen.





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1 Response to I LIFT UP MY EYES – Leave your burdens!

  1. We serve an amazing God who has already provided us with everything we need for our pilgrimage on earth and has equipped us to live victorious lives in Him. All we need is faith – and He has given us that too. Lord, help us to take up the shield of faith and trust You for EVERYTHING!

    What an amazing God!

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